Saturday, October 15, 2011

Wanting the Odds In Our Favor

I have been reading the book “In a Pit With a Lion On a Snowy Day” by Mark Batterson.  I read something he said in there that I can’t get out of my head.  He was talking about our prayers and how most of the time when we pray about a problem, hurdle, or challenge, we ask God to reduce the odds in our favor.

I just couldn’t get that comment out of my head because it’s so true! We ask God over and over again to solve things for us instead of believing that He can help us overcome or conquer despite the odds!

And what kind of faith is that?

Yes, God can most definitely reduce the odds of a situation and put them in our favor. And my guess is, He does do that on occasion. But how much better would it be for Him NOT to reduce the odds – us STILL believe – and then see Him do amazing miracles on our behalf?

Which one would you choose?

Of course, I don’t like to be stretched outside of my comfort zone. One scenario would certainly stretch me more than the other.  There are times where I just don’t want to have to “fight.” But then there are those times when I look back in hindsight and I see how answered prayer (despite how difficult a season of warfare may have been) has been so sweet. Felt so victorious. And my faith has been bolstered and renewed because of what God has done for me – DESPITE having to go through something hard.

Both can feel really good, at times.

I do know that I’m going to try not to ask God to reduce the odds in my favor all of the time. I know that not everything in life can be in my favor and I want my faith to be strong enough to believe in the power and might of my Lord despite odds stacked against me.  Just like in the Narnia movie when they are about to go to battle and they see the numbers are not in their favor.  One of the warriors states, “Size and numbers don’t win a battle.” And He is so right. God wins a battle. Our faith in God wins the battle. Not size. Not numbers.  Not odds.

We need to learn to see things not through human eyes, but with eyes that know what our God is capable of. The only real issue then becomes – do we believe?

My God can help me conquer anything if I just believe in Him. And oh what glorious things I will see.

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