Friday, November 4, 2011

I Am a Vessel

Sometimes when something happens to me in life and it hurts or stings – as a writer, I think, “ I could use this pain to write an article and encourage others!”  Other times, I think, “Nooooo!” You see, it occurs to me that sometimes God allows something to happen in my life for that reason alone.

He wants me to be a vessel.

Oftentimes, it’s a delight to be used by the Lord. And if I had greater strength, I’d say it should ALWAYS be a delight to be used by the Lord. But humanly, many times, it just plain stinks. 

In order to encourage others, you have to go through things first, yourself. And in order to empathize and understand, you have to first feel. Those are tough territories!

We all go through “crud” in life. Some of us more than others. I choose to allow myself to be vulnerable and transparent with you, so that you can find hope amidst your pain, joy through the journey, and strength when you are feeling weak. I choose to share with you my failures and weaknesses so that you can feel a little less alone.

I am a vessel. God’s vessel. I hurt, I cry, I put my foot in my mouth, and I get embarrassed. I just choose to funnel most of it on to you instead of hiding it out of sight.

I don’t enjoy the trials and challenges that hit me or my family. I don’t welcome them in the least. But I do try to find great lessons in them. I do try to rise above them somehow so that they won’t be repeated.

So sometimes this vessel may ride on rough seas – sometimes smooth. But always, always directed at the lighthouse so that the light can shine on you as well and that when you come behind me, your ride won’t be quite as hard.

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