Sunday, November 13, 2011

It's Just Not Funny

There are some things I’ve never joked about. Words I’ve never uttered.

“Get in the car now, or I’m leaving without you.”

“Yay. The kids are back in school!”

“Anyone want a free kid?”

To me… those thoughts, those words – they just aren’t funny.

I very much wanted to give birth to my children. I very much wanted them.

I pray deeply for my children. I worry about them and I’m protective.

I enjoy my children.

So words that mock who they are as people and how much I value my time with them…well….they just aren’t humorous to me.

I remember when my kids were little and strangers would admire their cuteness in a grocery store. The common thing I heard was, “What shelf did you get this one on? Where can I get one?” Or…. “Can I have one?”  I would always emphatically state that they were not for sale. They weren’t up for grabs.

You see, my children heard me. They heard me take pride in having them in my life. They saw my face and felt my heart. And that’s what I wanted.

My children are priceless. Precious. They give me deep joy. Sure – they aren’t perfect. We’ve argued. I’ve cried – they’ve cried. We irritate one another. But even through those moments, I would never ever joke about getting rid of them. Not for a second.

God gave me a gift when He allowed me to become a mom. I never want to spit in the face of that gift. I want to be worthy of it….even though I know I’ll never feel truly worthy.  But being a mom and having children is something I asked for and it’s something I take extreme pride in.

I want my children to live life knowing that they are valued and worthwhile. I never want them to feel like they were a nuisance, burden, or that my life was more fun when they weren’t around. My words and attitude can convey that message to them.

My children are irreplaceable in my heart and my life.  And I will never joke about them not having a part of it.

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