Wednesday, November 9, 2011

This Might Make You Look a Little Silly

I knew someone once who didn’t care about wrecking his or her image. They just had fun and loved life. They would put on funny outfits and laughed as everyone laughed with them. They would make funny faces at the kids or try things they’d never tried before – not caring if they looked foolish or not. They just enjoyed life.

I want to enjoy life like that. I want to get caught up in the moments presented to me and take advantage of them, not caring if I look a little awkward or funny. I want those around me to enjoy the time they spend with me. I don’t think that every moment needs to be about laughter and having a built-in “party” but I do think we should soak as much as we can out of those moments.

If we are presented with a beautiful sunset, let’s soak in and ponder all of life in every moment we have with that sunset. If we have the chance to wrestle or dance with our kids, let’s not pass it up but engage in all the goofiness and fun of the moment that they want to spend with us. Let’s truly soak in life.

We only have so many chances to create a memory with our kids.  We only have so many chances to do something out of the ordinary, or to give the gift of love to someone else. Life goes by fast. Faster it seems…each year.

I think back as to how many times I passed something up because I didn’t think I’d be very good at it. Or I didn’t feel comfortable because I knew I’d probably be laughed at or I was worried about feeling embarrassed.  What if I’d said “So what?” What if I’d grabbed those chances anyways? Chances are that I would have been laughed at. I might have been embarrassed. But I also might have felt complete freedom and joy in experiencing the thrill of a moment. Or a lifetime.

The older I get, the more tired I get about worrying about my “image.” I grow less and less concerned with what others will think of me if I do something silly or goofy. I can laugh as my kids laugh at me. I can see what they see and know that someday, that might be a tender moment and memory for them in the simple fact that I was genuine and let my walls down.

Yes, I want to be authentic. If that means looking ridiculous sometimes – then that’s going to have to be the way it will go. Because I intend on rocking out to music in the car with my kids whether or not there is a car full of people right next to us. And I intend on doing many more things on this adventurous road of life.

You know, as I look back on it, I never once thought my friend was stupid, immature, or ridiculous. I actually admired him. I thought how great he was to have so much fun in life. I wished I could feel free to enjoy life’s crazy moments as much as he did.

Hopefully, that’s a lesson learned.

(Enjoy this short video clip of my kids getting me (and our whole van) to act silly with them on our mission trip to Guatemala last June. :))


Jeanie Cullip said...

86,400 seconds a day I think we can take a few them to be there, be silly and have fun. It is so important for those small moments can last a lifetime.

Anonymous said...

Dionna, love this line of yours, "The older I get, the more tired I get about worrying about my “image.”" I have been studying alot on the topic of beauty. This ties right into that. It's time we give in to just being who God made us to be. Great thoughts.