Wednesday, November 2, 2011

When It Happens To Everyone Else But You

For most of us, we have a burning desire deep within us. It usually involves a deep-seeded wish or dream for our lives. And it can get super discouraging and frustrating when that dream does not become a reality (or takes forever to become one.)

I remember when I first wanted to become pregnant. I remember someone I knew got pregnant on accident. They weren’t even trying. And I was trying and getting frustrated because I wasn’t. I remember crying when I heard this person was with child and then I felt so guilty – because…what a gift they had been given! It didn’t matter that they hadn’t been trying. It was still a beautiful, wonderful gift.

The thing is, my time came not that long afterwards and of course – as God does, it was perfect. My daughter was perfect. And looking back, the waiting period wasn’t really that long.

It’s the same way for lots of us on many different levels and issues. We’re waiting for that job and someone else gets a brilliant new career without even hunting for one. Or we dream of a home and someone else stumbles onto one and is given a superb deal.

It’s life. And when we want something so badly, it brings that issue to light and we notice much more often; who is getting it but us. It feels like it’s everyone else. But it’s really not. It’s just our impatience and discontent.

I’ve found that when these times happen to me and I get discouraged and feel hurt, God reminds me of a few things.

1.     It may not be happening to me, because as much as I want it, I’m not quite ready for it yet. God is preparing us and getting us ready for that new dream or wish.

2.     I need to change my attitude. Often, my heart is just not where it should be. This is different from God just preparing me for a change. When my attitude is not right, He is waiting for me to change.
3.     The answer may just be “no.” None of us want to hear this or like hearing it. But it’s truly possible that what we want won’t happen. And if this is the case, I firmly believe that joy is still possible. God may bring something even better into our lives that we hadn’t considered or use us right where we are at. And if we do #2 above (change our attitude) we can find a hidden blessing right where we are. One that we would have missed if we hadn’t allowed God to impact our hearts.

4.     Our job isn’t quite done yet. We have a purpose and a job to do wherever we are. And it may be that God did plant a dream in our hearts and He fully intends to fulfill it. But we just aren’t quite done with the job we are already doing yet. We haven’t quite finished whatever calling God had wanted us to fulfill in that spot yet. So we can live fully in the moment, yet still be investing and praying about the next step He has in mind for our lives.

5.     God wants to see how much I trust Him, and how much I want something.  If I give up easily, then I often don’t get a blessing that He could have bestowed on me. But if put all my faith in Him and continuously pray; believing that He WILL answer – God delights to do “above and beyond all that I could ask or hope for.”

For me, these have been some of the possible options in life when I feel like I’m sitting on the sidelines waiting for something while everyone else easily gets what they ask for (or didn’t even try for.) It doesn’t always make these times in life easy. Waiting can be confusing and cause doubt. But ultimately, if we inspect our hearts and analyze our motives while asking God for wisdom and discernment – I firmly believe He won’t lead us wrong.

So don’t get discouraged. Lift your head up and stay the course if your dream or wish is something that is truly important to you. Hang in there. For God’s timing is always perfect and whatever happens, there is great joy to be discovered in His answer.


Anonymous said...

Great post!Sometimes waiting for God's timing is hard to do, but I know He has my best interests at His heart. Blessings.

Holly (2 Kids and Tired) said...

Beautiful post Dionna, and oh, so true.

Dionna said...

Thanks, Amy! He truly does have your best interests at heart.

Thanks, Holly. Good to hear from you. I hope your family is well??