Saturday, November 19, 2011

When There Are No Words

Sometimes I search for something to say. I want to say something. Anything.

I feel the words inside yet they won’t bubble out. They won’t form complete sentences and I’m not sure what it is I want to say, much less what it is that I feel.

Then God gently nudges my soul and tells me that maybe He doesn’t want me to say anything at all. He wants me to be still. To be silent. To wait. And to listen.

So often we want an action point. We want a “to do.” But God wants us to pause.

There are times that He purposely allows us to struggle for words. He purposely pulls thoughts and words out of our reach so that we have time to sit still. Time to take a break. Time. Time that we would get no other way because we steam forward continually on our own.

In those moments – in those times – God is still working. Still moving. Still attentive to our needs, our wants, our cares. He simply wants us to slow down. Clear our hearts and heads. Shake off the excess clutter that the world can throw into our brains and lives and  “collect.”

Collect ourselves. Collect HIM.

When there are no words – maybe we strive too hard to find them.  Maybe we work too fast, and struggle too much to come up with “something” – anything in the quest to move onward, upward, and forward. We miss the message. His message. His moment for us.

Next time when there are no words – let it be. Let it go. And let Him invade. When it’s time – HIS TIME – they will come. And they will be just right.

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