Thursday, December 22, 2011

The Energy Of A Hug

I'm going to be stepping away from my blog until after the New Year. Time for me to be with my family and enjoy their preciousness in all the freedom and joy that it brings.

But never fear - there will still be words for you to read! I'm going to be re-hashing and re-using a few of my old posts on here. You might have missed one of them!

Enjoy. :)

~ Dionna

The Energy of a Hug

I have always been a hugger. I love hugs and how they make me feel on the inside. I never really thought about what it was that a hug gave me emotionally until one day recently when my daughter put it all into perspective for me. She told me that she needed some energy and she came to me with arms wide open and encircled my waste, giving me a huge, long hug. When she felt better and had a smile on her face, she went on her way, saying, “I have energy now!”

Hug = energy. That is so true! I know how much a hug can fill up an empty tank that I have on days when I’m feeling blue, low on self-esteem, or just “blah.” It also makes sense why, when my husband and I are having an argument or a disagreement that I tell him that I really need a hug at that moment. It’s because I feel low and need something to refuel and recharge me. That “something” is a hug.

I think hugs are more powerful than we realize. They can give someone the motivation they need to go on, they can encourage a heart that has been bruised and battered, and they can heal. A hug is a powerful energizer!

As a mom, there are so many days where our energy can get low, we can get stressed and we struggle with feeling tired or overwhelmed. Have you tried giving or getting a hug to help you get through those days? I encourage you to do just that. My daughter taught me that a hug can go a long, long way.

~ From the blog archives, February 13, 2008 


NickiS said...

Hugs are so powerful and really do energize. I now realize that the comfort a hug can provide to others is so much more important than my own self imposed "comfort" zone. So happy to have found your blog.;)Merry Christmas!

Dionna said...

Nicki - I'm glad you found my blog, too! :) I hope you'll be back.