Thursday, December 1, 2011

Exactly Who You Are Is Just Enough

When the world says you don’t have what it takes, do you know that you are enough?

We have all gone through those times where we felt like we just didn’t measure up. Those times make us feel so small.

Those are the times where we often dig deep. Writing into our journals or working fervently creating some sort of beautiful something that God has gifted us to create. Sometimes we turn to food for our comfort or shopping. Maybe we drown ourselves with the wrong people or isolate ourselves all together. It’s all done to medicate ourselves and somehow try to fill that well inside of us that feels so empty.

The world can tell us we don’t have what it takes. We don’t have the right image. The right talents. The right personality. It can see when we try so hard to give of ourselves in order to be loved – and it can take every last ounce of our efforts from us….leading us on, only to reject us and spit us out in the end. And that leaves us feeling so low and so unworthy.

I’m here to tell you that the world is wrong. Those “others” in your life – they are wrong.

You ARE beautiful. You ARE worthy. You ARE loveable and you DO have what it takes. You were made to be exactly who you are. Sure, maybe you can improve on certain areas – but your core identity – that’s YOU. That’s who you are supposed to be. You have something to add. Something to give. Something to share. Your opinion DOES matter.  You DO have a place in this world.

Exactly who you are is just enough.


Praise and Coffee said...

Good words friend!

Dionna said...

Thank you, Sue. :)

Cathy of Top Beauty Secrets said...

Very well said. Keep it up great blog!

Nancy Crowley said...

Unfortunately it's me, not them, that needs to stop telling myself this stuff! Thanks for the reminder during the stormy season.

Dionna said...

Thank you so much, Cathy. Nancy, I'm sure we all tell ourselves this stuff from time to time. Glad you got a good reminder to not treat yourself that way!