Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Living a "Safe" Life

I’ve been thinking and pondering lately on life. A tough economy can cause you to think about a lot of things. Not only that, ever since I became a parent I have deeply dealt with life issues in my heart and head.

As a woman, there are certain “core” issues in life that matter greatly to me and I think; to most women. My safety and security is one of those “core” issues that matter to me.

I think most women have this innate need to feel protected. To know that they are safe and that their needs are met. And when we become a mom, this need only multiplies because we want to be safe so that our children don’t lose a parent, and we want our children to be safe!! It’s a BIG thing for us.

But God has been speaking to my heart in the last year about some of my fears. “Fear is not of the Lord,” you see. I can strive to be wise, discerning, live a balanced life and make the most of what I’m given… but that’s about all I have control over. The rest will happen whether I’m afraid or not.

I think that the Lord WANTS us to take risks. I think He DESIRES for us to go out there and live life to the full – taking a chance or two here and there. That doesn’t mean we should be stupid and squander all of our money, jeopardize our lives (or those near and dear to us), or be ignorant of the needs around us. But I do think it means to live life passionately and to make the most of our time here. For time can’t be bought back. Once a moment is gone… it’s gone forever.

Living a “safe” life is what WE are about. I don’t think it’s what my Lord is about. Safety is important to us. But to Him, saving lost souls is important.

We can isolate ourselves into a nice little life of “safe” living. But by doing so, we are just simply going through the routine and motions of life. We aren’t making a difference in any one else’s.

Of course I don’t want my children to lose a parent. Of course I don’t want anything to happen to them. That’s because of my great love for them. But just imagine how great God’s love is for the whole world and how many of HIS children are out there hungry, cold, alone, needy, and lost because it’s too “risky” or “unsafe” for us to go help them?

If everyone was afraid to go into the poorest part of town, who would reach those people for the Lord? Who would love them and care for them? If everyone were afraid to fly, who would go to parts of the world that needed help after Tsunamis, epidemics, and violence? If everyone kept their children in private Christian schools or home schools, who would minister to those precious children in the public education system? If we only socialized with Christians or those who go to our church, what would happen to our neighbors, or our co-workers?

I still deal with fears. I’m human. I still struggle to have courage in certain situations. But I believe that God wants me to LIVE for Him, not just be “safe” for Him. Because being safe is really just for me.

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