Monday, December 19, 2011

Making Your Family That Much Better

How can you make your family better… stronger? And has that even been one of your goals?

It’s so easy to go through life on cruise control. We’re doing the basic functions of life - making dinner, doing laundry, giving our kids a bath, taking them to and from school, making sure homework is done, going to church, cleaning the yard….you get the idea. We do what needs to be done.

But what needs to be done on the “inside” of our family? The part that doesn’t always show itself? Are there areas that need to be improved and bettered?


We can overlook critical and important parts of the hearts and souls of those precious beings we are raising, if we aren’t careful. We can view that tug of war about keeping their room clean as the main battle, when the real battle is something that may be going on internally. 

We can see our husband’s indifference to our needs as selfish when in reality, something deeper is stirring that needs and begs for us to pay attention to it.

Are our kids strong? Not strong in physical strength but strong in self esteem, morals, and values.  Are our kids flourishing? Not in their own pride and ego but in generosity, humility, and kindness. Do our kids need more time with us to talk and share… or more space? Do they need to hear we accept them just as they are…. Or are they begging for us not to say anything at all and just back off for once?

And how can we improve ourselves? As a mom? A wife, and a woman? What little quirks and habits do we really need to begin to work on for our own betterment and the betterment of our family as a whole?

Family life can always be improved. There are always “holes” and things we miss, overlook, or fail to understand. If we can take one at a time, and work on improving it, bettering it and working with each person’s natural personalities and character – what an exciting way to strengthen bonds and growth in each person’s life! What a wonderful way to arm your family with every tool it needs to face the world each day.

Flexibility and attitude go a long way in a family. Be a team and work with each other to make each other better – and stronger.

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