Thursday, December 8, 2011

Northern Vs. Southern Sayings

We live in Idaho. All the way over to the right of us ____---------________---------------______________ we have dear friends who live in Georgia.

When we get together, one of our favorite things to do is to talk about how we talk. We love their Southern accent and expressions. It’s so fascinating how we can all live in the U.S. and yet see and say things so differently.

For example – when we go to the grocery store, we put our things into a “cart.” In Georgia? They call it a “buggy!”

When you are thirsty here in the Northwest, you get a drink out of a “drinking fountain.” In the south it’s a “water fountain.”

If you need help? Well, simple, right? You call the police! Nope! They call the “law!”

One of our favorites was when we were being given directions to go somewhere as we were driving around in Georgia. We were told to go to the “red light” and turn. We inquired, “What if it’s green?” ha ha They call all traffic lights “red lights.” When we explained that we call them “stop lights?” Their response was, “What if it’s a GO light?”

What I call my “expensive” shoes in the South they call “high dollar” shoes.

A purse? My friends call it a pocketbook. It took me a few minutes to figure out that one – I thought they meant their checkbook or wallet!

I say, “I’m getting ready to…” they say, “I’m fixin to…”

We drink “pop.” They drink “coke.” Doesn’t matter if it’s Dr. Pepper, Root Beer or Pepsi – it’s all called “coke.” Can be a little confusing if you are a coke lover like my husband!

We have earwigs here in Idaho. In Georgia, they have fire ants. (And I got bit by one – it hurts!) We all just figured the bugs we dealt with were everywhere in the U.S. Not so.

It’s good to remember that not everyone deals with life in the same way. We all have different challenges and adventures. Different strengths and weaknesses.

We are all the same. And yet we are different. We see life the same – yet through different lenses. We are better because of one another.

And I love it.

What a wonderful world God has given us.


Unknown said...

I thank you so much for the reminder! I'm from Detroit but I've been down in Nashville for over 40 yrs and I've always missed home. I had forgotten some of these. Again, from the bottom of my heart thank you. Marcia

Dionna said...

Marcia - I'm glad it brought back some good memories for you! :)