Friday, December 16, 2011

We Like to Take the "Surprise" Out Of It

I have many prayer requests that I bring to God. Some, I bring on my knees. Others, I just lay before Him in my heart. But all of them are important enough to me to ask Him for help, guidance, wisdom, and sometimes rescue.

As with many of our prayer requests, time goes on. You pray more frequently. You pray harder – maybe you even “fast.” The intensity grows. Time still goes on. Some of us decide the answer is “no” and we either ease up in our prayers or we quit altogether. We give up hope. Others of us still pray, but not quite as fervently. Our passion has simmered. And even others of us decide that the quiet calm of hearing nothing isn’t good enough. We need to solve things on our own. And off we go.

We are controllers. We like things in neat, solvable packages. We don’t handle the unknown very well. We don’t like to embark on “risk” without knowing there is a way out, an escape, or a rescue that will happen.

I should know. I am one of you. I don’t like to head out into the unknown. I have to know what I’m facing. I like details and a clear picture. My questions need answers and I need to feel safe.

Often, God knows my heart and in His great love for me, He bends down and wraps up my neatly tied questions with clear-cut answers for me. He knows it brings me great security. But more often than that, He doesn’t. He is quiet.

There have been times where I’ve doubted and wondered at the lack of an answer. “Is God not happy with me?”  “Is my heart in the wrong place?”  “Does He care about this?”

But God drew my attention to something I read recently and put a whole new perspective on this issue for me. He showed me that sometimes His quiet response to my seeking has nothing to do with how He feels about the subject, or me. Sometimes, it may simply be that He wants to surprise me.

We often like to rob God of that delight and pleasure. The joy of a parent surprising their child out of love. We want things so controlled, so answered that we forge ahead without being patient long enough to see just what His power and great love for us can do. We grow weary of waiting. We lose hope. We lose faith in Him.

I love it when God chooses to surprise me. It is so exhilarating and brings such deep, deep thankfulness and appreciation to my heart. It makes me feel loved and it reminds me of who and what I’m living for.

God does say “no” to us sometimes. But sometimes, He may just be keeping a secret from us. One that needs a little more time before it can be unveiled into a great big, lavish surprise. I don’t want to regret blowing that or ruining that moment for Him – or me.  Do you?

Let us not lose heart. Let us not grow weary. Our God is FOR us.

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