Sunday, December 4, 2011

Why Are People So Rude?

I wonder. Why do people have to be rude? Like, when you are enjoying someone or something and you make a comment and someone has to insert a comment that makes you feel…well…either small or silly. 

It’s obvious they did it on purpose
. They wanted to “one-up” your conversation or moment. And I really, really hate that.

Why is it that people get joy out of ruining someone else’s sunshine? Why do people  feel the need to mar someone else’s excitement?

I think it’s because of insecurity.

For whatever reasons we hold inside, we are insecure. We feel left out at times, overlooked, underappreciated, or maybe – just plain jealous, because we aren’t that confident in who we are as people. So we “insert” that word, that phrase, that little “barb” that we KNOW will get under someone else’s skin.

However you look at it….it comes down to the fact that it’s really just not very nice.

And do you want to be a “not-very-nice” kind of person? I know I don’t!

We are not bigger people just because we made someone else feel small. We are not better or smarter people because we exposed someone else’s error or made them feel silly. We just aren’t. In fact, we’d only be bigger, better, and smarter people if we let those things go WITHOUT drawing attention to them.  That’s what would elevate us.

We can all choose a higher road. It’s just that most of the time, we let our feelings get the best of us. And we just HAVE to say that “thing.” We HAVE to insert that comment.

All it will do is backfire on our image.

So maybe we can give it some more thought next time. Sit on it awhile.  And decide that instead of being rude and saying what we could leave unsaid…that we will be the classier person and let that thought go.

In the process, we just might find our self esteem grow a little bit. Because it’s just never nice to not be nice.


Jill from PJgamers said...

I like to think most people don't know they're being rude. Like in my family, it's common to tease each other....and everybody is pretty good natured about it. so maybe their family just teases harder than my family does.
I've learned to say something when it happens instead of letting it fester.

Dionna said...

Jill - I'm sure some people don't realize they are being rude - but I also believe that could also be a sign of our neglect to teach our children (who grow up to be adults) to be aware of others and empathize with other people.

Teasing is great. (We are also a family of teasers.) But it's cruel when the teasing crosses the line to break someone's spirit.