Thursday, January 5, 2012

Christmas In Las Vegas

Our family escaped this year. We took off for Christmas and left the icebox that I call Idaho and flew to Las Vegas.

It was my husband’s idea. To go somewhere not too far away – but somewhere where we could be a little bit warmer.

I have never ever gone somewhere for Christmas before and it was such a blast. Our family always has a ball together, but I felt so relaxed! It took some burdens and responsibilities off of my shoulders for the holiday and it was wonderful.

We packed some stockings and a few stuffings, a couple of gifts and we were off. We didn’t go “all out” for Christmas because the trip was a gift in and of itself – plus we knew we’d come home with a few souvenirs of our time there.

We did a ton of walking and a ton of browsing. We laughed. We ate. We took a couple drives. It was so refreshing.

I think we are all going through withdrawals being back home in the bitter cold. But we have to focus on our blessings. And Las Vegas (as strange as it may sound) was a blessing. The sunshine, the palm trees, the gorgeous view from our motel deck, the rest, and exercise – the time away from demands and responsibilities – so wonderful.

Sometimes it just takes a different location and change of scenery to help clear your focus and sift out priorities in your heart. That happened for me. And as I enter 2012, I’m asking God for some BIG answers.

Are you? Go ahead – ask Him. He is a BIG God with a BIG heart. Together, we can seek His guidance and watch expectantly for His love and favor to bless us in ways we couldn’t even fathom.

I’m ready to see His hand move in my life. 


Nicki Schroeder said...

Our God is a BIG God indeed! I pray you find the answers you seek in 2012. Happy New Year!

Linda said...

Fun Fun Fun!!!We have never been gone from home on Christmas but what a neat idea to just get away for a bit.
Blessings as you trust in our "Big God". :)

Dionna said...

Thank you, ladies.