Sunday, January 1, 2012

Just To See a Smile

Do you know how wonderful it is to see someone smile?

I was reminded of this today when a perfect stranger held open the door for me as I was leaving Target. And she smiled a genuine, friendly smile. It was so wonderful.

I see so many intense faces these days. A smile is like light.

When my children have been battling challenges and trials of their own at school or during sports – when something works right or they are able to overcome – and I see that smile on their face? Oh, how healing and magical it is!

I’ve found that when I’m especially grumpy and something makes me smile; it immediately lightens my heart and my mood. Don’t think so? Try it. Smile. You can’t help but feel it. It doesn’t solve everything and it doesn’t heal everything – but it helps.

Just to see a smile…some days it’s the best thing ever. To see children smiling in pure content and happiness. To see a baby smile for the first time. To see an older couple smile at the memory of something that you know brings dear feelings to their heart. To see a young couple smile in love at one another, or to see a stranger smile as they help out their fellow man. Smiles bring something to the table that is needed. Wanted.

Look around you. Don’t get so busy that you forget to smile. Or you forget to see someone smiling at you.

For it may just transform you.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the thoughts. I needed to remember to smile today. Hope all is well with your family. Blessings.

Dionna said...

All is good with my family. Thanks, Amy. :)