Saturday, January 7, 2012


I had a thought recently about an attitude of mine. I was hoping for some changes to happen in a certain area of my life.  God had been speaking to me about being content in the situation I was in and where I was currently at.

I thought I was content.

I realized, however, that I was telling myself I wouldn’t be content until….such and such happened.

I will be happy right now until that moment in time…

I can hang in there until…..

I’ll love my life/situation until it changes….


That was wrong of me.  Yes, it’s good to be happy and content and to allow myself to be used by God, “until.” But it’s not enough. God wants ALL of my heart. He wants ALL of my obedience. He wants ALL of my pride. So, I have to be content and happy PAST the until. Because sometimes the  “until” never happens.

I may never reach the point in time where the “until” transforms into the change I’m seeking.

I may have to hang in there not longer – but for forever because there is no “until” there is only “always.”

I may need to make the choice to love my life/situation not “until” it changes but in spite of it NOT changing.

Yes. Sometimes the “until” doesn’t happen. It doesn’t come.

That is true commitment. True faith. True obedience.

We can still hope for a change and pray for a change. But we need to make the choice to be joyful knowing that a change may not come.

If we wait “until” we are limiting ourselves. Never completely submitting all of ourselves because we know we only have to give so much until something better (in our mind) comes along.

That is true sacrifice and humility. And only true joy and happiness will come in the midst of that kind of a heart’s willingness to be the best we can be for God whether or not we ever get our “until’s”…..

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