Friday, February 17, 2012

Ambition Can Cost Us Our Friends

No amount of ambition is worth stepping on someone else to reach an open door.” 

These words came to me recently when my heart was hurting and breaking for someone I really cared about. Someone who was going through a great deal of hurt due to the actions of another.

Ambition. A lot of us have it.

We want to be bigger. Better. More. Anything than where we currently are. Sometimes our motives stem from a good heart. Sometimes, our own pride and ambition get in the way.

People matter. I don’t think anything is more important in this life than people. The relationships we form are everything. And how we treat others means far more than most of us stop to think about.

We are all human. And being human we are going to let each other down. We will make mistakes, say the wrong, thing; disappoint. We need to be careful, however, when our own agenda and ambition ends up tromping over someone else’s heart. 

No “goal” is worth chewing up and spitting someone else out along the way. No “prize” worth crushing another’s spirit. For people matter more than attaining certain standards and images that we have set up for ourselves.

We were put here for one another. To support and hold each other up.  If only we would all be a little more cognizant of how we affect each other when trying to reach our own dreams! If only we would “use” one another less as a stepping stone!

There will be many open doors to opportunity in our lives. Some will be on higher roads than others. Some will lead to richer opportunities. But none of that really matters if you check your morals and values at the door to get there.

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