Monday, February 6, 2012

Life Is All About Feelings

Life is all about feelings. That’s what I think, anyways.


Close your eyes for a moment and think about how you feel when:

~ you are wrapped in a really warm, heated blanket.

~ when you lift your face up to the sunshine, close your eyes, and feel the warmth of the heat to not just your skin…but your soul.

~ that first moment of grief when you are told someone you love, has passed on and your body is consumed so much that sobs start shaking within you until they pour out – loudly.

~ when your child runs to you with open arms and jumps into your outstretched arms with a smile on their face and a heart innocently open to yours. When you are their “everything.”

~ How about that moment when you first locked eyes with your spouse?

~ Remember the moment when you laughed so hard that you had tears coming out of your eyes. Afterwards, your belly hurt from laughing so hard, but you felt utterly, completely, happy in the moment.

~ Take yourself to the moment when a news story grabbed your attention with riveting, heart wrenching devastation. You wanted to help, but felt so helpless.

You see – life is all about feelings. Why then, do we try so hard to shield them from everyone else around us? Why do we try to bury them, hide them, or at the very least – minimize the impact they are having on us?

I LOVE feeling life. I love how it feels to laugh. Yes, sometimes I even love how it feels to cry. For even though it hurts, I’m alive and I’ve loved and it feels good to feel those things. I have a right to cry over someone who has meant something so dearly to me. I have a right to laugh and smile – merely enjoying the beauty of life.  More than that – I think God gave me those feelings because they are also a part of Him.

The Bible tells us that God grieved. He loved. He enjoyed the company of others.  God felt life in its fullest. As should we.

Life IS a journey of the emotions. It’s a path full of feelings. Let yourself feel them. Let them teach you and guide you.  The world may minimize some feelings, but they are very real and very powerful. They are like a chain – tying one part of our life to the other.

Let yourself feel. Let yourself love and mourn.  For no one else can feel the moments of your life…quite like you.

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