Monday, February 13, 2012

Showing God My Love on Valentine's Day

On Valentine’s Day, everyone thinks about how to show that special someone (or someone’s) how much they love them. We give candy, flowers, jewelry, and romantic gifts to let those people know they are valued, loved, and special.

I was being contemplative today, on love. What love means to me – where it began – who shows me love. And of course, my thoughts went immediately to the One I love and cherish the most….my Lord and Savior.  He doesn’t need to do anything for me on Valentine’s Day because He already has shown me and given me the greatest gift of love anyone could give. But how about me? How can I show Him how much I love Him on Valentine’s Day? Is there a gift I can give to God?

I think there is.

I think I can show God my love on Valentine’s Day by not complaining. I think I can show Him my love by appreciating what He’s given me and who He has placed in my life. I think I can show Him how much I love Him by talking to Him. I can tell Him how much He means to me and I can show Him how much I value the fact that He listens to my concerns and cares.


I can pay attention to God by reading His Word and listening to what He’s trying to say to me. I can notice and acknowledge when He sends me a beautiful sunrise or a gift of encouragement through a person – knowing that it came through Him.

If I say I love God – what better day than Valentine’s Day, to show Him and to give Him my time? Instead of using it for “me” tasks, I can be a servant for Him and use it for “God” tasks.

You see…..there are many ways to show Jesus how much we love Him. And of course, as with anyone we love – we shouldn’t do it just on Valentine’s Day. I just find it ironic that we often forget to include Him in on this very special day devoted to love. For if it weren’t for God, I wouldn’t know what real love is. He was the best example and the first example.

On this special day, won’t you take some time to show and tell God just how dear He is to your heart?


Rachel said...

Beautiful, beautiful post. Thank you so much for sharing - I look forward to keeping up with your blog in the future!
Happy Valentine's day!

Dionna said...

Thank you! I look forward to your return visits. :)