Friday, February 3, 2012

Today's a Really Bad Day.... For Somebody

I was on the freeway heading to hear some hard news. It wasn’t going to be what I’d call “the best night of my life.” Yet I knew that for me, personally, I’d be okay. Others close to me, might have a harder time.

As I was looking out the window while my husband drove, I looked at the cars that we passed. I wondered what kind of a day it was for them and that’s when it hit me. I wasn’t the only one having a rough day.

At any moment in time, we pass hundreds of people who are going through all sorts of things in life. We just never pause to give it much thought.

Today might be a really bad day for that husband and father as he heads to the hospital knowing his life is changed forever because of a sudden stroke that hit his wife the previous evening.

Today might be a really bad day for that grandparent who is heading to the courthouse to courageously take custody of their grandkids with great heartache over the choices their child has made in their life.

Today could be a really bad day for that young girl who decided to end her marriage and knows she’s making a mistake – but doing it anyways.

Today could be a really bad day for that person who just lost their job, their house, their self esteem.

It could be the person sitting next to us on the plane, the cashier at Target, or the young girl who comes home with our daughter. We just don’t know. We don’t really know what is going on in the lives of others because we are usually so good at hiding it.

Today could be a really bad day for that person who inattentively cut you off in traffic or was rude to you in line at the grocery store. It could be a really hard day for that teacher who treated your child less than fair in class.

We all have them. We all act irritable and snappy at times. We all make mistakes while driving our car.

What a difference a smile would make. A, “that’s okay – go ahead.” Or “Can I help you?” What a difference a quick prayer for the other individual would make in their less-than-ideal day!

We all go through tough times here and there. When I’m lost in my thoughts and not paying as close attention as I should to my actions, I would love to be extended grace, mercy, and kindness. So it’s the least I can offer to someone else.

Today might be a really bad day….for somebody. So cut them some slack and offer some forgiveness and gentleness. It just might be the very thing they need.

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