Sunday, February 19, 2012

When Your Flame Feels Like a Flicker

God tells us that we are lights of the world. I love that analogy. I love feeling like I’m a light. As a girl who adores warmth and sunshine – I love feeling like I bring light into other people’s lives, as well.

But I’ll be honest. Sometimes I just don’t feel like a light. I don’t feel like my flame is burning very brightly. In fact, sometimes I feel like my flame is more of a flicker. It feels like the winds of life keep blowing on me and I’m just struggling to stay lit. Are you there with me? Do you understand those moments?

It’s natural, I think. We can’t keep our own flame alive. We’ve got to rely on outside influences to help keep us burning. We need God’s Word first and foremost.  We need Christian community, and we need encouragement, love, and support.  Without those things, our flame will indeed; flicker.

I think we are meant to shine brightly. Even in the tough times in life. Sometimes we are the only light that someone else will see. And even if that light is burning on low fumes, it’s still a light for someone else. A low light is better than no light at all! But, a bright and strong light is even better. So we need to be vigilant about making sure that we get what we need in life to keep a roaring fire and flame going in our hearts.

Everyone has low times in life. They are sometimes seasons to help us see things and grow – and sometimes signs and symptoms of things that need to be addressed.

If your flame feels more like a flicker today – see what you can do to get it roaring again. For feeling on “fire” for the Lord is the most amazing thing ever and it’s a feeling that has to be fueled in order to stay lit.

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