Monday, March 19, 2012

Being Around Teens

Being around teens keeps me young. I love these young men and women and the youth and vitality that they have. I love it when one of my girls’ friends comes up to say hi or give me a hug – even though my child is not around.

It brings joy to my heart.

A lot of people dread the teenage years. Yes, there are some emotional roller coasters you have to wade through. Some hurtful moments and some tough lessons. But I love this age. I love the energy and positive outlook that most of these kids have for life. I love that they aren’t jaded yet or that society hasn’t created bitterness in their hearts (most of them.) And I love how they remind me to have fun.

Because of teens, I rock out in my car to music. I used to always sing and belt out my favorite songs – but now, now, I dance as well. And yes, someone may be looking, but it’s okay.

Yes, being around teens helps keep me young. It keeps me moving when my girls rope me into doing “wii just dance” or pull me out in the yard to bounce the volleyball around with them.

Being around teens keeps me informed of the trends. Who wants an “out-of-date-un-hip” parent? I certainly don’t want my kids to feel that way about me! So when a daughter’s friend needs to borrow a pair of my jeans and laughs uncontrollably at the ultra-high waist…I know it’s time for a new, trendier pair. And I thank her for helping me not get lost in the dark ages but moving along with the times.

Teens are great. Truly. If you take the time to talk to them, get to know them, and show an interest – you will find that most of them are very intelligent. They are compassionate, and they have things they want to do in life. For themselves and for the world.

Some are bullies , of course. Some are mean, insecure, or rude. Some live in clich├ęs. But most teens have a lot of enthusiasm. They are still willing to listen, and learn.

I love this age. I love these kids.


Unknown said...

LOL! Yes, you and I have that in common! I have plenty of "children" that are mine that I did not birth! They call me when they want to talk, want advice, or just to say hi. It is like having a mantel passed because my mom was the same way! But it feels good to know that if ever they are in trouble they know they can count on you.

Unknown said...

Oh but at my age (45) they wear me out!! those sleepovers are killer!

Dionna said...

Ha Ha. Oh yes. Sleepovers where there is little to no sleep! Especially for the parents. :)