Sunday, March 4, 2012

Compliment Yourself

I get such a kick out of my oldest daughter. She will compliment herself.  She’ll say things like, “Oh my hands smell good,”  “My hair looks good today” or “My feet look really cute in these shoes.” It’s adorable.

I laughed at her at first. I thought it was so funny that she would compliment herself.  Then, I started thinking about it.  I thought, “Why don’t more of us compliment ourselves?” We’d sure feel better about ourselves! We don’t have to do it in a vain, I’m–all-that kind of way, but rather a way that makes us enjoy who we are.

I’ve decided that I need to try it. I need to wake up some morning and look in the mirror and find something to compliment myself about. Whether it’s my nails, having a good hair day, what I’m wearing, or a facial feature – why not enjoy it? Why not relish the fun of knowing that it’s a good, positive thing?

We are so used to talking down to ourselves and telling ourselves all that is wrong with us. Why not start talking to ourselves about  what is right?

I think my daughter has tapped into something that is good, upbeat, and fun. She is enjoying the gifts that God has given her.  And I think that’s great.

So, it may feel a little odd at first to speak out loud about something that looks good on me or something I’ve done well, but it will be good for me in the long run. It will be good for me to focus on my strengths and positive qualities instead of running myself down and beating myself up for how I feel I don’t measure up.

I’m just wondering why we haven’t thought of this before.


enthusiastically, dawn said...

I agree. Besides she is adorable! But I do think it is precious when a young girl feels precious. So pray she hangs on to that. So pray we all capture a bit of that spirit and speak life to ourselves. You are right Dionna, isn't that what God does- speaks love and good into our lives, why shouldn't we?

Dionna said...

Thank you. She IS adorable. :) And I do pray she hangs onto that --