Thursday, March 29, 2012

Make a Move

Frustrated with the way things are in your life? 

Feeling “stuck?”

Wishing you had more friends? Any friends?

Make a move.

Often we sit back and wish things in our lives would change. We can often point the finger at others. The boss at our job, the friends who ignore us, the spouse who won’t do anything. But we can be the difference. We can make a change. We just need to make a move.

Maybe we can’t move out of our neighborhood like we’d like to. Maybe we can’t switch churches or get our husband to get a different job. But we can make moves in our life that help make our situations more enjoyable – more bearable. Sometimes it just takes a little creative thinking.

We can change the way we respond to the situation around us. We can improve things or do some research and explore different avenues that are more workable and are more of a compromise for where we are at – today. Now. But still…they are moves. They are action points. And often our outlook can change dramatically simply by feeling like we are doing something to move forward in a different, new direction.

Pray about it. Take some time to think about it. Talk it over with someone you trust. And make a move. Do something to help yourself. To inspire yourself.

You won’t feel stuck anymore and it may just open up the opportunities for your life even further.

No one has to sit back and just accept discontentment. Do something to about it. Make a move that excites you. Watch your whole outlook shift and expand.

And brighten.

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