Sunday, April 1, 2012

Do You Ever Get Tired of Worrying?

Do you ever get tired of worrying?  I do. 

I get tired of worrying about my health every time I have an ache or a pain set in.

I get tired of worrying about driving on icy roads in the winter.

I get tired of fretting over things that scare me.

Yet it’s almost “innately” me to fret, worry, and stress anyways.

And it’s not healthy.  It’s not wanted. I don’t want to be a fretter. A worrier. A person riddled with anxiety.  I don’t want to constantly be thinking about my safety, my health or what’s going to happen in the next moment.

It makes me tired. Plus, it takes an awful lot of energy.

Worrying takes away my days, my moments, my joys. It replaces my contentment with discontent, strife, and fear.

There is SO much to worry about. So much so that my mind gets overwhelmed just thinking about all the horrible things that could happen.  And so often they don’t happen. Not at all.

God says, “For who of you by worrying, can add one hour to your life?”  That has been a verse that I’ve clung to lately to remind myself that my fretting and worrying won’t help me. In fact, it does the opposite. If I can be calm and think clearly, I’m in a much better position to handle whatever is going on (or that I’m afraid will be going on) than if I’m anxious, stressed, and panicked about it.)

I want to be a fighter. A warrior. I want to be one tough lady. Seriously. I’d much rather have someone say that I was a strong woman than a weak one!  And so often, I feel weak.

My goal is to kick worrying in the tail and chase it out the door. It’s not welcome in my home – or my life. It’s not welcome IN MY HEART.  I know it will be a battle – for I am a worrier. (There should be a group called “worriers anonymous”).  But I know that in God’s strength, I can do anything.  After all, “For who of you by worrying can add one hour to your life?” 

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