Monday, April 9, 2012

Feeling Whole Again

Do you know that feeling after you’ve been sick? That feeling of really appreciating your health because it feels like it’s been way too long since you’ve felt well and simply normal? You have a new leash – a new perspective and thankfulness on being healthy. Being sick does that. It brings about fresh gratitude.

I think that’s what it ‘s like when we go through spiritual battles in life. Whether it’s been a dry spell that’s gone on for what seems like endless years or a deep request brought about by an intense spiritual battle that seemed like it would never let up. Once we get to the other side of those battles and we experience God’s faithfulness to us; His goodness and love…..we have a fresh perspective of thankfulness and gratitude. We gain spiritual insight and we experience God’s glory in a way that we couldn’t have if we hadn’t gone through that really tough time.

I’m reminded of this fact every time I experience God’s tender care for me. Every time He brings about that rescue I’ve coveted, that answer I’ve cried for, or that undeserving pardon – I’m reminded of who I’m dealing with. God. GOD.  And He is so faithful to me. So gracious and merciful.  I don’t know how many times I whine to Him and beg Him for deliverance. I don’t know how many times I wonder if life will ever be whole and complete again. And then that day comes… and it is. HE IS. He shows me just a glimpse of who He is and what His heart contains for me.

I know that I don’t enjoy battles and challenges in life. I never will. But I do know that I’ve gained some pretty rich jewels from going through some of them. And I know the feeling of joy that I never would have experienced had not God brought me from low points to His glorious deliverance.

Sometimes it’s just necessary. We wouldn’t be molded, guided, or shaped in any other way. We wouldn’t grow. We wouldn’t be BETTER. Stronger. Or more complete.

I may never ask for a trial in my life just as I may never ask to be ill. But I know that once wholeness and renewal come, I will embrace them knowing that new appreciation for who I am, where I am, and what I’ve been given have been shown to me in a priceless way.

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