Saturday, April 7, 2012

What Does It Take For God To Get Your Attention?

What does it take for God to get your attention? Because He wants it you know. And sometimes we are too busy, too prideful, or too naïve to let Him grab it.

It takes something drastic.

Does God have to get your attention through illness?  Does He grab it through the loss of something? A job – a dream – a relationship? 

Does God grab your attention while you’re sitting in traffic with a beautiful sunset screaming across the sky? That’s the way I’d PREFER Him to grab my attention. Unfortunately, I know there have been many times where He’s had to go for more blatant ways to get to me.

I don’t try to ignore God. I don’t want to. On the contrary. I long to hear from Him.  I guess it’s just that sometimes I’m so focused on – well – ME. So focused on me; my agenda, my thoughts and feelings, my world – that I forget He’s right there with me. Seeing it all. Sometimes orchestrating it all.

He sees. He knows. And He’s working, even when it seems I’m in an eternal “wait.”

I hate that He’s right there; RIGHT THERE and I fail to see Him or notice. It pains me.  Yet I know it happens.

God wants to speak to me. He wants to speak to you. He wants our attention. Our undivided attention. Not half-hearted. All of it. All of us. He wants us to listen and soak Him in. Take in what He wants to show us and then let it lead us.

May we learn to be sensitive enough to be aware of His presence so that He doesn’t have to grab it in a more painful, direct gHiH

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