Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Night For a Princess

Saturday night was homecoming for my oldest daughter.

Her school had a rule this year that all dresses had to reach the knee. Caused some extra stress and panic on our part and the part of many girls who could only find short little dresses in the malls and stores. I know many girls ended up ordering theirs online. For us? We had a sweet friend offer to make us a dress.  She makes wedding dresses and is thinking of expanding into doing homecoming/prom dresses as well.  She did such a great job on my daughter's dress!

The night ended up being a little more hectic than we'd planned due to a few situations (including a dead car battery) but it was still so much fun. I'm thankful we got to tag along for a bit to take pictures.

I never went to my homecoming. I wish I'd gotten that "night for a princess." But as a mom, this was probably just about as good. After all, my daughter IS a part of me. What she experiences, I do partially too. :)

So this post isn't extra spiritual or really deep. It's just a moment to pause and reflect on a special night for my special girl. One I'm so thankful God put in my life.  And I just wanted to share the spotlight with you for a bit. Enjoy....

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