Friday, December 30, 2011

Building a Heritage of Prayer

Spiritual legacies are so important. That thought really drilled into my heart when my grandpa passed away in 2009. I realized how blessed I was to have a Godly man as a grandparent and someone whom left me a great legacy and heritage. I saw (and heard) how he came to know Christ and was amazed at how one choice affected several generations. You see, the fact that he accepted Christ and decided to live a life for the Lord affected my father. The same thing happened on my mother’s side of the family. Her father was also a Godly man whom I lost far too soon when I was only in the 5th grade. But again, his decisions and choices to walk for the Lord affected my mom. Both of my parent’s faith in turn affected me. Now, I am trying to “live it out” and instill a strong sense of faith in my own children. Generation to generation to generation.

Sometimes we see life so much in the “now.” We forget to look into the past to see maybe why we are the way we are and we also forget to look into the future.

I pray for my children and my spouse. And of course I pray for the spouses who will one day enter their lives. But do I pray for my future grandchildren or my great grandchildren? That’s something I’m giving more thought and intention to these days.

My grandparents told me shortly before the passing of my grandpa that they prayed for me every day. EVERY DAY. You know what? I don’t even know now what they prayed or how they prayed but it’s enough to touch my heart that they prayed. And who knows how God is continuing to answer those prayers even now? We look for such immediate responses that we can often forget that some answers may take years or even generations to unfold!

God made promises in the Bible that some generations never saw the answers to. But that didn’t mean He didn’t answer. In fact, He did. He always kept His word. For ours is a faithful God. So I can know that if I pray for a grandchild or a great grandchild that God hears my prayers – especially if those prayers are aligned with His heart and His will.

I may not be around to see my great grandchildren or my great great grandchildren. But they will come from me and will be a part of me. And I want to leave a mark and an impression that long outlasts my life. I want them to be men and women of integrity and great faith. What a gift I can give them if I would dedicate myself to praying for them!

Our prayers are powerful. We can build such a heritage if we will only call upon the name of the Lord. What a simple thing to do for those we claim to love so deeply.

Blog archives, December 31, 2009

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Living a "Safe" Life

I’ve been thinking and pondering lately on life. A tough economy can cause you to think about a lot of things. Not only that, ever since I became a parent I have deeply dealt with life issues in my heart and head.

As a woman, there are certain “core” issues in life that matter greatly to me and I think; to most women. My safety and security is one of those “core” issues that matter to me.

I think most women have this innate need to feel protected. To know that they are safe and that their needs are met. And when we become a mom, this need only multiplies because we want to be safe so that our children don’t lose a parent, and we want our children to be safe!! It’s a BIG thing for us.

But God has been speaking to my heart in the last year about some of my fears. “Fear is not of the Lord,” you see. I can strive to be wise, discerning, live a balanced life and make the most of what I’m given… but that’s about all I have control over. The rest will happen whether I’m afraid or not.

I think that the Lord WANTS us to take risks. I think He DESIRES for us to go out there and live life to the full – taking a chance or two here and there. That doesn’t mean we should be stupid and squander all of our money, jeopardize our lives (or those near and dear to us), or be ignorant of the needs around us. But I do think it means to live life passionately and to make the most of our time here. For time can’t be bought back. Once a moment is gone… it’s gone forever.

Living a “safe” life is what WE are about. I don’t think it’s what my Lord is about. Safety is important to us. But to Him, saving lost souls is important.

We can isolate ourselves into a nice little life of “safe” living. But by doing so, we are just simply going through the routine and motions of life. We aren’t making a difference in any one else’s.

Of course I don’t want my children to lose a parent. Of course I don’t want anything to happen to them. That’s because of my great love for them. But just imagine how great God’s love is for the whole world and how many of HIS children are out there hungry, cold, alone, needy, and lost because it’s too “risky” or “unsafe” for us to go help them?

If everyone was afraid to go into the poorest part of town, who would reach those people for the Lord? Who would love them and care for them? If everyone were afraid to fly, who would go to parts of the world that needed help after Tsunamis, epidemics, and violence? If everyone kept their children in private Christian schools or home schools, who would minister to those precious children in the public education system? If we only socialized with Christians or those who go to our church, what would happen to our neighbors, or our co-workers?

I still deal with fears. I’m human. I still struggle to have courage in certain situations. But I believe that God wants me to LIVE for Him, not just be “safe” for Him. Because being safe is really just for me.

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Monday, December 26, 2011

Is Anything Too Hard For Our Lord?

Do you ever feel tired, stressed out, beaten up, worn out, or bruised? Life tends to run us over sometimes doesn’t it? As a mom, there are so many days where we don’t feel that pretty. Our lives encompass a lot of “duty” in them. When we do tasks like laundry, cleaning toilets, making the bed, and sweeping – we don’t feel that glamorous. And then there are those single parents that don’t have a spouse to rely on to give them a break when they are worn out. There is the working mom who is juggling both her work and home environment. No one set of circumstances has all of the answers or perfect solutions to a life that won’t leave you feeling stressed out or tired at times. Its just “Life” – all of it will bring these feelings upon us at times.

I think of Genesis 18:14 where it says, “Is nothing too hard for our Lord?” and it brings me comfort. It reminds me of the God who molded and shaped beautiful hills and mountains with His own hand. It reminds me of a God who can bring plagues, raise someone from the dead, and part the sea.

If God can do miracles and do things that we don’t even dare think of, can’t He also help me get through a tough day? Can’t He help me fix something that is broken, find time to fit in my necessary chores, give me a few hours of much-needed sleep, or keep me safe? Can’t the God who helped David beat Goliath, the God who gave Esther the courage to save her people at the risk of death, also give me the strength I need to not yell at my children when I feel overwhelmed? Can’t He help me find the time to love on my children after a full day at work? I believe He can. I KNOW He can.

So often we forget that God cares about the details of our daily lives. I think we tend to ask for the BIG things because He is a BIG God. We may not think He cares about our laundry piles, broken dishwasher, or ant problem. But He does. He cares about them because He cares about us. NOTHING is too hard for our Lord. He is the best problem solver around!

God wants to get personal with us. He wants us to come to Him with things we think are silly or insignificant – yet things that are concerns or issues for us. He wants to amaze us and show us just how much He loves us. Just as you desire to show your children how much you love them!

We will have bad days. We will have moments where we just want to crash. But, we can be encouraged and remember in those moments and on those days that nothing is too hard for our Lord. Give Him a chance to show you just what He wants to do for you in your life. You’ll feel so wrapped up in His love, if you do. It just takes a little faith.

~ Blog Archives, March 31, 2008

Saturday, December 24, 2011

Let Your Man Be Strong

There is a movement in homes today. One that I see can possibly be very harmful. It is the movement of the woman becoming the “head of the household.”  She may not claim that she is, but she is.

Women are natural controllers. We are! We like to control our children’s behaviors, the clutter within our homes, what time we eat, WHAT we will eat, where we will go, our daily schedules and so much more. Without batting an eyelash, oftentimes, our control extends to our husbands. We tend to belittle them and emasculate them a little.

Our men are made just as God wanted them. We should not try to change them – yet pray for them and ask that God only enhance their strengths and whittle away at their weaknesses. Mind you, the things that God sees as weaknesses may not be the same things WE see as weaknesses!  And we need to allow them to be the head of the household.

It is a gift and a blessing to be able to nurture and care for our spouses.  They would move heaven and earth for us, if allowed to! We can enjoy their strength and the solidarity that it brings to our lives.  

When our homes are functioning the way that God intended them to, we can “feel” the rightness in it all. If we are trying to control things, it only tweaks everything out of proportion. Our husbands resent us for it, we are irritated and demanding because we don’t see them as sitting in the position that God intended for them and life just doesn’t live out the way that it’s supposed to.

I’ve learned that as much as I try, I can never control another person. They have free will and free choice. It is more in my best interest to learn how to live out by example and influence by my positive words, actions, love, and life than it is to ever force someone to do or be a certain way. Usually when I go at life in this approach I only harm the relationship or create resentful feelings.

Women – we need to fight against the world telling us that in order for our lives to be right we need to do things ourselves. We need to learn to let our men be strong for us and be the warriors that God intended for them to be. All they need is for us to give them a chance. They truly want to rise up and be an authentic man and we often get in their way and hinder them instead of being an asset in their lives.

Give your man a chance. Learn to relinquish that stronghold of control that you try to keep such a tight reign on in your home. It’s truly freeing to give up some of that responsibility that is not meant to weigh on your shoulders. Realize the value, importance, and reward that is to be found in YOUR position and watch how God can weave everyone together to function as He intended. You’ll all win if working on the same team instead of fighting amongst yourselves for the head position and you’ll each learn how your role was meant distinctly for you. No one else can fill those shoes but the person for which they were meant.

~ Blog archives, March 21, 2008

Thursday, December 22, 2011

The Energy Of A Hug

I'm going to be stepping away from my blog until after the New Year. Time for me to be with my family and enjoy their preciousness in all the freedom and joy that it brings.

But never fear - there will still be words for you to read! I'm going to be re-hashing and re-using a few of my old posts on here. You might have missed one of them!

Enjoy. :)

~ Dionna

The Energy of a Hug

I have always been a hugger. I love hugs and how they make me feel on the inside. I never really thought about what it was that a hug gave me emotionally until one day recently when my daughter put it all into perspective for me. She told me that she needed some energy and she came to me with arms wide open and encircled my waste, giving me a huge, long hug. When she felt better and had a smile on her face, she went on her way, saying, “I have energy now!”

Hug = energy. That is so true! I know how much a hug can fill up an empty tank that I have on days when I’m feeling blue, low on self-esteem, or just “blah.” It also makes sense why, when my husband and I are having an argument or a disagreement that I tell him that I really need a hug at that moment. It’s because I feel low and need something to refuel and recharge me. That “something” is a hug.

I think hugs are more powerful than we realize. They can give someone the motivation they need to go on, they can encourage a heart that has been bruised and battered, and they can heal. A hug is a powerful energizer!

As a mom, there are so many days where our energy can get low, we can get stressed and we struggle with feeling tired or overwhelmed. Have you tried giving or getting a hug to help you get through those days? I encourage you to do just that. My daughter taught me that a hug can go a long, long way.

~ From the blog archives, February 13, 2008