Thursday, November 17, 2022

When The Pressures On Your Life Are Great

There are times in life, where I really feel like the pressure is great. It seems as if everything comes down the pipeline at once. On multiple fronts, there are things going on that demand a lot from a person - physically - sometimes. Emotionally? Always.

These are the times where I’ve learned the spiritual stakes are high. For me and for the others that God has placed in these scenarios in my life.

We can grow weary. Drained. Our soul can need refueling - badly, at times. But somehow, we must persevere. Tread on day in and day out. Give our “all” to whatever pressures are bearing down on us.

Satan gains ground when we are weary. And he knows it. He knows if he can distract us, defeat us by making us tired, or emotionally drive us into a weak state, that he gains momentum in the situation. I think that’s why multiple things happen at once. He wants victory.

I detest these times. They feel like they go on forever and ever. Days turn into weeks, and weeks turn into months. The heart and soul take a good beating.

Or so it seems..

Yet somehow, as weak as I feel in these seasons, as much as I long for them to stop, somehow, I come out stronger for clinging to faith. Clinging to God. Oh, how I look back in hindsight and wish I’d done things differently. I often feel like I should have said things more eloquently, took action in a more timely way, and been stronger… or calmer. Yet still… when I remain faithful, God has an amazing way of planting something deeper inside of me. He grows me, as painful as it is..

I am better. 

Even if those times weren’t for me - I am better for having to turn in tears to the One who is the ONLY One who can provide answers, solutions, and a clear path.

I am ever grateful for that.

If you find yourself feeling pressure bearing down on you from multiple sides - friend - please persevere. Please muster what you can each day to stay loving but strong. Generous but wise. Believing, hopeful, and carrying yourself with integrity. Turn to God every day; every moment if you have to. But turn to Him.

He WILL carry you. He will give you that “just enough” that you need for one more day, hour, moment.

Don’t let satan gain ground over you, or over those you love.

We may have to crawl through these times - but they WILL have an end. They will bring forth results. And for me? I want to breathe deeply knowing I made I through and I didn’t give up. I didn’t give in.

There is someone who is afraid of you. He is called satan. Give him good reason to tremble.