Tuesday, May 11, 2021

We All Hide

We all hide.

We hide the depression and anxiety we are feeling. We hide the insecurities, the burdens we carry for those we love. We hide our flaws. Our feelings of inadequacy. We may even hide behind our feelings of not knowing how to be a man, or a woman.

It’s different for each of us. But we still hide something.

What if we didn’t? What if we openly carried those things that we hide? What if we walked around letting everyone know that we cut ourselves? What if we openly shared that we struggle with drugs or pornography?

The feeling of being judged is so great. But if we all shared our weaknesses, our failures, our struggles - what then? Wouldn’t we have a common bond? Wouldn’t we have more empathy and love for each other?

EVERYONE struggles. 

Just because you haven’t talked to someone in awhile, doesn’t mean they are “fine”. Just because someone doesn’t share their heartaches, burdens, or prayer requests with you, doesn’t mean they don’t exist. 

It simply means they are kept private.

It grieves me. Oh, how it grieves me.

Oh, how so much pain, hurt, loss, heartache, and loneliness is felt in the dark moments of our lives! Oh how many tears are shed, because we didn’t invite someone into them with us!

I have found that once you bring something out into the light, it loses some of its hold over you. It loses some of that power that holds you in its grip.

But those steps are scary. I get it. I do. For ALL of us struggle.

If I could beg of you one thing - I’d beg of you to not walk your road alone. To not “hide”.

I’d beg of you to invite someone who truly cares, into that struggle with you. (And someone DOES care. Sometimes you have to look harder for them. But they are there). 

Let someone bring you into the light. Let someone love you. Let someone show you, you are everything you want to be and fear you are not.

You are valued. You have value to give.

You matter.

Please don’t stay in the darkness alone any longer. Reach out for help. And reach into someone’s open arms.