Monday, November 18, 2019

Facing That "Thing"

That thing. That thing you dread doing. It’s that “something” that causes fear to rise up in your heart and throat. You’d rather do almost anything else… except THAT.

Everyone has a “thing.” At least at some point in their life.  What is it for you? Is it confronting someone about something that is hard to talk about? Is it reaching out to someone in your family, who is hard to love – let alone like?

What is it? And why is it that particular thing?

We are stronger than we think. And we limit our capabilities more often….than we think. 

And fear can be so paralyzing.  It can grow so big that it literally rules our lives and minds.

For me, I’ve had to face fears so many, many times. But each time I conquer something that once conquered me? I feel stronger. Freer. My faith grows deeper, knowing that my God held me up through “it.”

And He can do that for you, as well.

For God is so tender. Never laughing at our ridiculous thoughts. No. He just gently prods us along telling us, “You can do this.”

And we can.

Whatever that ‘thing’ is in your life – that thing that terrifies you? Take a baby step towards it. Then take another. 

You may stumble a little, but trust me, it will feel so good to walk that walk. It can be a shaky walk - and facing that “thing,” that “it” - it can hurt. I won’t lie. It may not be fun at all.  

But you will be stronger for it. And you won’t be a captive held hostage by your fear.

God has given you and I all of the tools we need to make it to the other side of our “thing.”  But so often, we ignore the tools, and we just leave them - sitting there, untouched. We allow ourselves to be captivated by hurt, pain, and fear.


You can be better. 

You can be stronger. Wiser. 

You can be free.

Face your “thing.” Let God guide you through it. 

Do it for yourself.