Sunday, May 13, 2012

My Family Is My Greatest Blessing

There are times in life where God really helps me put my life into perspective. For most of us, when we become adults there comes a time when we start talking stock of where we are, where we’ve been, and where we want to be. Dreams haven’t come true, challenges lay before us, and we can wonder where our purpose in life lies.

I’m so thankful that my God shows me the jewels and gems in my life. Those things that I might otherwise overlook or take for granted.  Lately, He has been showing me just how blessed I am with my family.

I have always loved my family. We have great fun together and each one of them is so dear to my heart. But more recently, I’ve been realizing just how much each one of them brings to my life. Each member of my family is so unique. They each teach me so much about life and myself. They are a part of me.

I can get hard on myself at times. I may not be where I want to be on my own ambitious “agenda” journey. Or maybe I feel (just like most people) that I’m not cool enough to be accepted by certain people or not talented enough in areas that a woman and mom SHOULD be talented.  But all of that doesn’t really matter if I have my family along the ride with me. If we are getting along, cheering one another on, taking great joy in life together, crying with each other over hurts, and genuinely growing together  - not much else can rise up to that kind of priority or placement in my heart and life.

My family is definitely my greatest blessing in life. They are just so fabulous. Each one of them. I can’t tell you how blessed I feel. How delighted that God would choose each one of them for my life. And although I value and am so thankful for health and ministry opportunities…. My family is everything to me.  They are my deepest loves, my highest delights, and my most lavish hopes rest with them.

I realize more than ever before how my family gives me my strongest roots to face everything else in life. They complete me. Without them, I am not fully able to reach my highest potential.

What a gift! Riches come and go. Health fades. Popularity is fickle. But family – true family who loves you despite your flaws, mistakes, and mess-ups ….they are there for you always. Loving you more, wanting more for you, and being kind and honest when you truly need to hear it. No gift in life can quite compare to that kind of solidarity and heartfelt support.

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