Monday, January 1, 2024

Perfection Comes In Many Different Forms

Have you ever felt so thankful to be in a spot that you know was of God’s choosing and not your own?

I have.

I have closed my eyes, felt tears come to my throat and eyes, and just thanked God as I sat in the moment of knowing I was in God’s “here.” Not my “here.” Not a place of MY choosing. Or a time of MY choosing. But one that I was allowed to see… was clearly His.

Footsteps orchestrated by God alone. 

A place picked out by Him.

Details maneuvered and navigated by my Lord. Personalized and tailored just for me.

And it was all perfect.

When I say “perfect” - I don’t mean that each time I saw I was sitting in the place He’d picked for me that everything was beautiful. Sometimes, indeed, it was beautiful. Other times, it was perfect in the way of renewal. Or sifting that I didn’t know I needed. Healing. Refining. Answered prayers of deliverance.

Perfection often comes in many different forms.

But still, I sit in those moments - deeply indebted and thankful. Humbled. And feeling so very loved and reminded that I have a God who sees my deepest hurts and needs. I have a Lord, who WANTS what is the best for me. 

Those moments are everything to me. 

When was the last time you looked at the threads in your life and realized God placed you where you are for a reason? Sometimes we don’t see because we simply don’t look. Or maybe we forgot our long ago prayer to have what now sits in the palm of our hands.

But He didn’t forget.

He didn’t stop loving.

And so here we sit. In God’s “here.” In the “here” we longed for and needed. The one that we didn’t even see on the agenda. And yet it fits us so perfectly.

Because again. Perfection comes in many different forms.