Tuesday, May 3, 2022

Becoming Part of Someone's Life Story

Growing up, there was a sweet older neighbor lady across the street. Her name was Rosie. Rosie had a tomato garden and every summer she would bring over tomatoes from her garden. One of the ones she grew, were small, little yellow pear tomatoes. I grew to love them. I would eat them warm, and ripe from the sun.

To this day, I love yellow pear tomatoes. Maybe because I actually do enjoy them. But maybe, also in part, because there is a sweet warm memory attached to them.

Rosie became a part of my story. 

We all have a life story. But what we often don’t realize, is how often we wind up in someone else’s story.

There was also Reuben Larson at church. The man with the twinkle in his eyes, the robust heart “Santa Clause-like” laugh, who always belted out my name in such hearty joy. And he would always say it wrong. He knew me. He cared for me. And yet he could never get my name right. And I didn’t care. Not one bit. In fact, it endeared me to him all the more.  I grew to love Reuben as a child. And I grieved when he died of cancer. 

Reuben became a part of my life story.

These people crafted me. They invested in me. They loved me.

There are so many more people along my road in life, who have become a part of my life story. Shannon, who nurtured and took me under her wing when I lived far from home. Carl, who always believed in me, and ended up becoming my boss, and dear friend. JoAnn - with her small hamburger diner, who made me feel special with her extra love and attention.

Strangers at first, these people. But they cared. They loved. And they became embedded in my heart.

I wonder if I will wind up in anyone’s story? Have I done anything I think is normal or simple, that someone else will always remember and cherish. Do they tell stories about that neighbor lady, or the girl at the supermarket who helped them?

We each have our own life story. We have people who became embedded in our hearts. But we all play a character in someone else’s as well. Do we play a good character, or one we’d rather erase? Did we say something unkind or mean, and someone always remembered it? For we can be remembered - good AND bad.

I pray that I will always keep in mind how I treat others and that I can do something to make someone else’s life a little better and easier. 

May that be a wish for all of us.

Sunday, March 20, 2022

Mistakes Happen

We are free to make mistakes. We are free to feel what we feel about those mistakes. 

As long as we learn and grow from them.

No one gets every choice or decision right in life. No one is perfectly eloquent in every reply, or does the right thing in every circumstance. So many of us regret speaking when we should be quiet, and being quiet when we should speak up.


The thing is - we tend to beat ourselves up about those “missed” occasions, moments, and words. Humanly speaking, there might be apologies that need to be made. There might need to be some hard truths we speak to our own heart and soul about our motivations and our actions. But once those are dealt with and given - we need to sew the “mistake” into a legacy.

No one gets through life doing it all perfectly. 

God says, “Let any one of you who is without sin be the first to throw a stone.” NONE of us, gets it all right. 

It can be hard to see ourselves with objective eyes.  Even IF we know and acknowledge our imperfections, truly allowing ourselves to feel things without shaming or criticizing ourselves in the process, is hard.

So I say, feel. FEEL. Cry. Get angry (in a safe environment). Feel “Blue” for a bit. But then get yourself up. Allow God to empower you to turn that “feel” into “fuel”. Do something right for yourself and for others. Be better next time. Stronger, Wiser. Gentler. Kinder. More thoughtful.


Saturday, February 19, 2022

Finding Strength

Strength looks different for every individual.

For one person, strength may look like standing up and using their voice in a firm way, to protect boundaries that they usually never set up.

For another person, strength may look like having a smile on their face and a determined “joy” in their life, despite the hurts and scars that sting every morning that they wake up.

Still… for someone else… strength may look like not letting life chase the “belief” in goodness, right out of them.

Strength can show up in so many ways.

But one thing I never believe strength shows up as… is meanness. Harsh tones.  Bitterness. Payback. Or Indifference.

Strength - although it has a solid, firm, determined, resolute component to it…. Also involves gentleness, compassion, forgiveness, freedom, and love.

For even though those are “soft” words - they take great strength to have when you have open wounds, deep scars, and painful memories.


It’s hard to grow strength. But it’s like a muscle. Once used, it gets easier to re-use. We just need to tap into that part of us that is tough to get into. The part that acknowledges all is not as we wish it would have been. That all is not as we wish it IS. But we refuse to let that knowledge define us, corrupt us, steer us into another direction, or.. simply put.. win.

I pray strength for your life. And for mine. I pray God will breathe strength into my heart when I want (and have a right to) criticize, or grow hard. I pray God will grow strength in my soul when I’m weary.

Whether one day it looks like a cheerful disposition, and another day a silent determination not to engage - may we all learn that strength that comes from the Lord is always directed towards TRUTH and GOODNESS for everyone involved.

True strength has wisdom, discernment, and purpose always intertwined in it.

Let us draw on THAT. 

Sunday, January 23, 2022

The Weapon of Prayer

Battles. We wage so many spiritual battles. Life is not for the faint of heart, for sure.

I was thinking recently about something I was taking to the Lord in prayer. Something that weighed heavily on my heart. It grieved me. And I thought, “Oh, but if more of us were grieved - how many more things would we fight for? How many more would we take to the Lord in prayer?”

There have been many “things” and “people” over the years that have weighed heavily on my heart. Things that just won’t leave me. Not for a second. 

I pray, but with these situations, I have prayed heavily. Heartily. Daily. Moment by moment. For somehow, I recognized the life or death balance that was going to be decided. And I wasn’t about to give satan victory.

So many times, we pray privately over things and people. Which prayer is NEVER bad. And we certainly don’t want to gossip about people or betray trust or relationships. But there are times (probably more times than we’d admit or acknowledge) when we need to invite others into our fight and into our prayers. 

I’m not sure why we keep things so quiet. Maybe it’s because we’re ashamed or don’t want someone else to be ashamed. But maybe - just maybe - we need to go public a little more often as we battle for someone’s soul.

Oh, how the earth may tremble as we cry out God’s name in earnest for someone we love!

I think we need more of that.

So, this time, I did that. I waged war with satan. I invited others in my prayers. Into my heart. Into my grief. 

“Where two or three are gathered together in my name….”

More of our prayers need to be waged in earnest. In yelling for intervention. In longing. In grief. 

We’ve grown too apathetic. To blasé. Too calm about our prayer life and in our fight for those we love.

Let’s run into those moments with our shields on, our armor up, and a backbone ready to fight.