Monday, August 30, 2010


Every time I take the time to start reading some blogs on the web, my heart is ministered to. There are some amazing people out there sharing some personal and thought-provoking things that God has taught them. Often, it’s exactly what I need to hear.

Sometimes I just feel stuck. Maybe it’s that I need to be inspired or motivated in some way because I’ve been feeling “blah.” Or maybe my heart is feeling some deep thoughts and convictions about something and I’m just needing a “word” from God – which He often sends me through His people. Maybe I’m feeling alone or blue. Whatever the emotion, it can be easy to stay in it for awhile if someone else doesn’t move you on out of it. I love blogs for that.

Here are a few blogs that have touched my heart lately with their honesty, insight, and faith. I hope you'll take a minute to stop by and let God speak personally to you through His people.

Sarah Markley - Sarah is so honest in her posts. She has an amazing way of speaking candidly about something and making it look and feel beautiful. I'm excited, because Sarah is going to start adding her words to my newsletter this Fall.

Baby Bangs - I have been following Amanda's blog for a couple of years now. Amanda is so descriptive. She has a flair for making me see, feel, and smell what she is talking about. Her heart beats passionately for the Lord and I love just walking daily through life with her as she strives for the same things I strive for - to be a Godly wife, mom, and to let God use and work through you at the same time.

The Journey - Katie is an amazing young woman. She lives in Uganda after visiting in 2007 and being irreparably touched by all of the homeless children. Katie has started a child-sponsorship program and personally adopted numerous children herself.

Without Wax - I'm fairly new in following Pete's blog, but I've been following him on twitter for awhile. I love his "shoot it to you straight" approach. This is a man who truly loves God and his family.

Heart to Heart With Holley - Holley has some amazingly deep posts - all said with amazingly short words. They get to your heart and really cause you to stop, ponder, and think about things.

In The Name of Love - I love Bianca. She is a kindred soul with a passion to walk the walk.

I love how God uses different personalities, characteristics, and life experiences to touch other people's lives. I love how people allow themselves to have a ministry simply by being authentic and genuine.

They've impacted my heart many times and I just wanted to give them a small "Shout Out" today and thank them for being who they are and letting us catch a glimpse of that. God has called each one of them in various ways and they bless me.

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Sometimes There Just Isn't Balance

Between listening to a certain podcast and reading a blog and watching a Christian video segment – several things came to my mind regarding the subject of our lives, trying to maintain balance, and our dreams.

The more I hear leaders speak on this subject and the more I have my own personal experiences in life, the more I’m starting to think that we have it all wrong.

Correct me if I’m wrong, but I think most people try to pursue their dreams in life. Most people try to maintain a sense of balance in their lives. But what if those things shouldn’t be our focus at all? What if God doesn’t want us to stay in balance? And what if our dreams aren’t HIS dreams for us?

If it’s one thing I’ve learned, I’ve learned that my God is creative. He is so awesome. He loves to catch me by surprise and throw a curveball at me. It’s how He gets my attention. I think God is exceptionally gifted with tipping me off-balance. I think He works best with people when they don’t feel like they have control of their lives because it is then, that we seem to look for something deeper and something more meaningful! It is then, that we often look to God Himself and we open ourselves up to the impossible. We let Him show us that we can truly attempt the wacky, the “out there” and the far-reaching things. Something we never would have considered had we been going on our merry little way, juggling all the balls in our life with great finesse and aptitude!

I think God is the ultimate dreamer. I think He has the most adventurous and elaborate plans for us – things we’d never attempt or begin to dream on our own.

I think if we can begin to understand that we can’t control our lives, we then begin to open ourselves to the possibility of God reaching us with His ideas for us. Sometimes that can be scary – especially for those of us who are control freaks! But it really is freeing because it takes the responsibility off of our own shoulders and places it on God’s…where it really belongs in the first place.

We need to get to a place where we can welcome interruption. Interruption in our day, in our week, in our life, and yes, in our plans. We need to be able to let the laundry go, let the planned “quiet time” go and see what God has in mind for us instead because so often He comes to us in the thing we least expected. I believe God wants us to care for our families, but I really don’t believe that He puts great importance on the laundry, the dishes, or the dusting. It’s the heart of who we are and what we are doing for our family that matters the most. So if He brings something along and those things don’t get done…so be it! Focus on what He has called you to do instead. That may be to help a friend, devote extra time to your children, or get involved in a ministry that calls you away from home more often. Sometimes there just isn’t balance. But there’s God in the midst of our life.

So, I’m learning not to “freak out” when a cyclone comes into my home and life and stirs everything up. I’m learning that oftentimes, there are lessons and growth to be learned through those times and that God can be throwing me off-balance so that I don’t get so smooth doing things on my own that I don’t need Him or desire Him anymore.

Balance can be beneficial in our lives. Dreams can give us purpose. But hold them with open hands because God may want to stir the pot and change things up a bit. God may want to tip that scale and let us feel off-balance so that He can take us on a better ride than the one we’d planned. And it will be the ride of a lifetime.