Friday, October 26, 2012

I'm Not Going To Use Swear Words To Be "Edgy"

I’ve noticed a trend. A trend in blogs. In churches. In social media. Out of the mouths of believers.

People are trying to be “in,” “cool,” “edgy.” Or so it seems.

I used to be able to tell the difference between Christians. Believers. God’s chosen people and the rest of the world.

Not so much anymore.

I go to blogs and see words and phrases being used that (to me) just shouldn’t be used. Words used in such a way as to look hip, trendy, relevant, and edgy. As if being a Christian immediately means we aren’t trendy.

I’ve gone to church websites and seen the same trend. I’ve even seen church names that make my eyes go all buggy and my mouth drop open. All in the name of being seen as hip and “with-it.”

I think we are missing the boat. God does not need to be made to look cool. He IS cool. We do not need to act like God is relevant. He IS relevant. He always has been! We do not need to swear, drink, or do many other things in order to be seen as “cool.” In fact, for me? Those very things immediately turn me away and turn me off. I immediately think “how uncool.”

The world WANTS us to be different. They may not act like it – but they long for it. Just as a child longs for boundaries and rules even though they will never tell you that. People want authenticity and a genuine heart. They don’t want us to be like their next door neighbor or the guy at work. They can get that anywhere.

And in all honesty? It’s a compromise of values.

I believe in calling a spade a spade. And Jesus would never swear. Never. Nor will I. I won’t even come close. No edgy words for me. I will just stand on my own boring two feet and let God do the talking for me.

For He’s far more eloquent and never once had a problem drawing a crowd. Just by being Himself.


Shari said...

I loved this. I agree 100%. God calls us to be different and set apart. I especially get offended when someone takes the Lord's name in vain. That just makes me cringe. Great post!


Unknown said...
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Angela said...

I just have to say that I really like that picture. ;)
I agree and as Shari said, it is especially offensive and surprising when believers use the Lord's name in vain! We are specifically commanded not to do that, just because our culture uses it ALL of the time does not ever make it ok.

jimmie lee said...

I too struggle with accepting this new trend. Some say, "your too religious" or they don't really care what anyone thinks. I see many bloggers who are christian who to me seem to say "I say "these words" and there is nothing anyone can do about it. And they bring up Jesus' anger at the temple, calling pharisees brood of vipers or they say oh its just words lighten up.
I still say what is in our hearts will come out of our mouths and to me swearing is prideful and to me it shows you have a hard heart. Does it make it ok because you are not saying it out of anger? I personally don't think so.
And i just don't get it, i've been trying to figure it out.
But the path is narrow and you should not be luke warm. so…
still trying to figure it out… thanks for this post Dionna :)

It brought up this post i read recently.

enthusiastically, dawn said...

Well said, Dionna! I will not swear to be trendy. Nor would I swear to impress anyone. I wish I could say I have never sworn at all, but I would be untrue. When I do slip up, to my shame, I confess and ask God to help me take every word , thought and attitude into his filter of grace, truth, love and purity. We know that out of the mouth come words that reveal the inner man. My hope and desire is that the inner and outer are in harmony as He wills. Great post. Keep fighting the good fight of faith!

Dionna said...

Thank you all so much for your comments, ladies. I don't expect us to be perfect and there will certainly be moments in time where we say something we wished we hadn't --- but it's the "trend" of being edgy and using slang (and sometimes profanity) that bothers me such a great deal.

May we all try to remember who we represent.