Friday, May 27, 2011

A Thank You From My Daughter For Keeping Her Heart Holy

Yesterday, my baby girl graduated from 6th grade. I still can hardly believe that she will be in Junior High next year. That I will no longer have any "little kids."

At the ceremony, the kids each presented their parents with a box and letter. They have been studying how to be holy and that included talking about guarding their hearts with what they watch and listen to.

When I opened the letter Kayla wrote to me and my husband, the tears came to my eyes quickly. I asked Kayla if I could share the letter here- to encourage and motivate you as a parent - and she agreed.

"Dear Mom and Dad,

I appreciate you so much and I wanted you to know.  You are great role models for me and Kamica.  Mom, do you remember that time when me, you, and Kamica were leaving the grocery store and you were checking the receit? Well, they forgot to charge you for something, and you went back and paid.  Dad, you are so kind when you drive me and Kamica everywhere, and you pick me up from my school. Thank you for helping us all the time, you are great parents.

I have been doing an integrity curriculum, and have become grateful for ways you have helped me keep my heart holy. Thank you for checking reviews on movies.  You will forward through bad parts in them and make me look away.  This has really helped me, and I appreciate that you care that much about me.

Another thing you have done to keep my heart holy, is the internet.  When it is in a place where you can see it, you know what I am doing.  You check out websites before I can go on them, which helps me a lot. Without these things, I would have a much harder time keeping my heart holy.

You are wonderful and I love you so much! I thank you for coming to all of my special events.  You both do so much for me and Kamica, and I greatly appreciate it and wanted you to know.  Never, ever forget that I will love you always.  Thank you for helping me guard my heart and mind, and keeping them holy."

Kayla Shaye Sanchez

If ever you wonder if your efforts are worth it when you strive to mold and shape your children's values, morals, and integrity - let me encourage you today. THEY ARE WORTH IT. It's worth it to be the only parent who says "no" sometimes. The parent who appears more protective than the rest and the parent who is involved and aware.

It is so worth it.

For notes like this - are priceless.