Saturday, February 20, 2016

Liebster Award... Bloggers Supporting One Another

Sweet Gemma, who blogs over at "Love, Gem X" nominated me for the LIEBSTER AWARD.

I guess the Liebster award helps new bloggers find and build a network of support and encouragement amongst likeminded bloggers.  Although I am not a new blogger, I am still new to a lot of people!

I am honored that Gemma chose me to share a little bit more about me and my blog.

According to the rules, I'm supposed to:

- thank the person who nominated me. (Not hard to do at all!)
- Share the award on my blog
- Answer 10 questions, nominate 10 new bloggers, and then ask them 10 new questions.



Here we go with the questions Gemma would like to know about me -

1. When did you start your blog?
Gosh, I've been writing so long now, I'm trying to remember the exact date I started my blog! I started with a newsletter for moms, then transitioned into blogging - WHICH I LOVE! I'm thinking it was about 2005, 2006 ISH. :)

2.  What topics do you write about?
I mainly write on faith and family. But I also write on marriage, self esteem, lifestyle stuff, and anything else that my heart feels led to speak about.

3.  What tips do you have to share with others who want to start blogging?
Do what feels right to you! Forget the rules. If you want to write once a week, once a month, or sporadically - do it. If you want to solely write about your cat, do it.  Forget about the numbers, and do it for the joy in writing about whatever you're writing about.

4.  What are 3 interesting facts about yourself?
Hmmm.. I always struggle with questions like these. I'm not sure what people find "interesting." 
* I'm fascinated by real-life mysteries and "missing persons" cases. To the point where I follow certain cases until they are solved.
*I just learned to like broccoli in the last year and now I eat it all the time.
*My dream is to have my own column someday.

5.  What are your hobbies?
If I have to exclude writing..... taking pictures, shopping, and some traveling.

6.  How often do you write?
I write best, whenever something is stirring passionately in my heart and soul. I keep articles on hand, to use later.  However, I have written on-demand, for the occasional assignment.

7.  What has been your best blog post?
People seem to like this one - "Northern vs. Southern Sayings" 

8.  What are your goals for your blog?
To always be improving, for one. To stay true to my own voice.  And I'd always love more feedback on my posts. 

9.  What did you want to be when you were younger?
A singer. But who didn't? Then, temporarily, a policewoman. (Thanks to watching Heather Locklear on TJ Hooker.)

10.  How would you describe yourself in 3 words?
Honest, compassionate, sweet.

Drummmrrooooolllll...... time for my 10 nominations!

1.  A young friend of mine who just got married - Emily at Sail with the Scales
2.  My dear friend Lyndsay at Scripted Heart 
3. A real warrior - Joanne at The Simple Wife
And some of my fellow San Antonio Mom Bloggers...
4. Patti Tucker
5. Pam Luttrell
6. Christina Ochoa
7. Tori Johnson
8. Aquila Mendez Valdez
9. Sarah Frye
10.  Michelle Cantu

Ladies.. please answer these 10 questions.

1. What is your favorite thing about blogging?
2. What inspires you?
3. What's your favorite form of social media for drawing others to your blog?
4. What is something your readers probably don't know about you?
5. What's been the coolest opportunity you've received - thanks to blogging?
6. What's your biggest challenge as a blogger?
7. What is your favorite blog to follow... and why?
8. What goals do you have for yourself, as a writer?
9. How does your family feel about your blogging life?
10. What advice would you give to those new bloggers out there!

Thanks, everyone!

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