Monday, May 21, 2018

Can You Forgive Yourself?

None of us is perfect.  We are so good at hiding our flaws, failures, and those things that we regret doing, or having as a part of our life.  Some of us would never guess what someone else has been through, because we are adept at presenting the most polished, perfect part of ourselves to others.

But, what do we think about when we face ourselves in the mirror? When we are alone in our own company? Are we able to see the person we are today – or do we only see the injured one from a few years ago? Do we only see the one who made that huge mistake that impacted the rest of our life? Do we only see the imperfect parts of ourselves?

That’s not how God sees us, you know.

It’s a big question. Can you forgive yourself? Can you move forward? Even if, you know what you know about the deepest parts of yourself?

Can you forgive yourself for that addiction? For that infidelity? For those things you hid from your spouse and kids?

Can you forgive yourself, for being mean to someone in school, or in your neighborhood? For leaving someone out?

Can you forgive yourself, for stealing? For harming yourself by cutting, intentionally throwing up, or denying yourself food? For overeating?  

Can you forgive yourself, for that abortion? For that road rage incident? For cheating on that test?

So, so many things. We’ve all done SOMETHING. 

That’s why grace is such a blessing. 

God gives us grace. He gives us mercy. Can you give them to yourself?

I pray you can. For all things are made new. 

You can be an overcomer. A blessing. A testimony. An example.

You can save someone else. Love someone else. Heal someone else.

You CAN forgive yourself. And you can help someone else move on, and forgive themselves too. 

You are not what you once were. 

Look in the mirror. See the person God sees. That person is valuable. And so beloved. 

That person is a miracle.

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