Wednesday, March 3, 2021

When We Need To Work Things Out On Our Own

I had a really tough week awhile back.

The kind of week where my spirit was truly crushed and broken.

I felt discouraged. Frustrated. Depressed.

I was near tears a lot.

I battled with my inner thoughts and push-pull on my heart. 

What happened you ask? Well, it was just one of those times in a journey where you wonder, “Is this worth the stress”? 

I felt like I had finally achieved the confidence I’d been seeking for most of my life. Only to be toppled over. No. Only to be PUSHED down.

And it hurt.

It hurt A LOT.

No one knew. Not really. Not the extent.  Some had gotten glimpses, or pieces. But no one really understood where I was coming from.

Except my precious man.

Oh, what a gift. God truly gives us our spouse’s in times like these. 

I didn’t need anything to be fixed. All I wanted was someone to say, “I get it. This is unfair. You are right.”

He did that.

I was still a little shattered.

Still struggling with what direction to take next. What words to say.

But I wasn’t alone.

He was patient. He let me work things through on my own.

That’s what our great God does you know. He is so patient with us. So many times, He sits back, with His ever-watchful eye on us - and watches us sift, sort, trip, climb, leap, walk around, and pause as we work things through in our hearts, souls, and minds.

He waits.

He guides.

He loves.

And He understands that we need that.

Then, when we get to that point He needs us at - He directs us where to go next.

So do what you need to do. Figure out your heart. Sift through your feelings. Take your time as you look inside of those many layers you’ve built. Learn. Grow. 

And then raise your head. 

Raise your head, lift your chin, and move forward with new insight.

Take a step. And know God is right there walking with you. FOR you, with great love in His heart - waiting to see the tears fade and the smile come out again.

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