Thursday, January 23, 2014

The Door

We are in a new place. In a new house. A new room to sleep in each night.  When I wake up, I look at the ceiling, the room, and the door. And I think about all the different places I’ve slept where I’ve looked at different ceilings and different doors.

The door is actually, a crucial part of the home. Something most people don’t even really notice. They just walk through it; focused on where they are headed. But the door is very symbolic.

It is through the door, that I brought my babies home from the hospital to join our family and change our life forever.

It is through a door, that I walked into a room to view my grandfather in a casket and say goodbye. I knew that an emotional moment would take place on the other side of that door.

My husband carried me over the threshold through the door of our motel; the night we got married.

I’ve walked through the doorway of many hospital rooms to love on people dear to me. Some in pain, some experiencing the excitement of new life in a baby.

The door.

You can’t avoid the door. Every room has one.  You can’t enter or exit without going through it.

Just as every life has a door.  We will enter and we will exit.  One doorway leads to eternal life and one; one does not.

Something so commonplace in life. The door. Something we use daily and don’t think much about it. We take it for granted. We ignore it. We fail to see its significance despite what we turn the handle to see on the other side. As in life. We often take our lives for granted and fail to think about what is on the other side.

God says, "Ask and it will be given to you; seek and you will find; knock and the door will be opened to you.” (Mathew 7:7)

The door. An ever important part of life.


Julie is Coco and Cocoa said...

Beautiful! I have thought often of our hearts being doors. Letting the love of the Lord and others in.

The Domestic Curator said...

Wonderfully uplifting, thanks for sharing Dionna!

Dionna said...

Thanks for stopping by, ladies!

Rose Powell said...

This is SO true, it seems there are times we always fall short of the significance of things. I'll not look at another door the same, every door is a different opportunity, and when opportunity knocks, you've got to open the door to see the opportunity for something on the other side! Inspirational.

Maria said...

So true! So uplifting and how we handle our passage through will help decide how to face the next challenge.

Dionna said...

Rose - It is so true that we miss the significance of so many things!

Maria - So many challenges await us on the other side of doorways -yes?