Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Decision Time

There are things in life that we just spend a lot of mental time and energy on. Things that we feel are BIG. We are afraid to make the wrong choice, the wrong decision.

But it can get to the point where you grow tired of thinking about it. Tired of pondering, dwelling, analyzing, and looking at it from all angles. For whatever you do, the answer just isn’t clear.  Just when you think you know the right direction to go in, doubt creeps in and you are unclear again.

Life is often like that.

I think God can use our decisions – either way. Whether we go left or right, He is still in control. In charge. He can still turn us back around if we head down the wrong road or He can use it. God is so great at using Plan B to veer us right back around to Plan A! It just takes us longer to get there sometimes!

When you are uncertain about the right thing to do and you’ve prayed and researched and consulted others…what do you do?

You step out in faith.

You can’t live your life in limbo. Halfway here, halfway there. Your heart part in the future, part in the present. You just can’t. For then you are not completely whole. Completely present in where God has you. You are always one foot out the door.

I think sometimes He holds back on us. He doesn’t reveal the complete picture – the perfect plan. He wants us to trust Him a little bit. (Or a lot.)  If we knew the whole picture, there would be no need to lean on Him. 

Faith is a very big part of the picture.

We’ve forgotten how to risk. How to let out our breath, do our best, and trust a very real God with all the details.

There is a time where you have to stop talking about it and make a decision with the facts you have at hand. You do the best you can do and you let God fill in all the holes.  It’s scary, yes. But the blessings are His to give.

Faith is greater than fear. You just have to make the choice to apply it.


Diane said...

So true Dionna! Great post!

Dionna said...

Thank you, Diane.

Anonymous said...

Wise words and encouraging advice for all of us who are at a crossroads. Thanks for posting.

Dionna said...

You are welcome. I know what it's like to be at a crossroads. Hope your heart has some direction. :)