100 Family Friendly Movies

Are you tired of watching movies aimed at your family - only to find them  inappropriate? I hope this list will become a reliable form of resource for you. I have listed 100 Movies from past to present that are suitable for your whole family - from your littlest to your oldest. They have minimal violence, sex and bad language....of course as with everything a family watches, you may need to explain situations to your children or critique the movie first.
As new movies are released, if I find out they encourage family values, are innocent to little eyes, or suitable for your family, I will add them to the list (removing an older film listed in the process.) 

~~~ Again, please remember to always screen a movie for yourself before showing it your children. Some of these movies (although family-oriented) still might not be suitable for younger children.  I realize not everyone will agree with every movie on this list - but have done my best in its compilation and no movie is on here that I haven't personally seen myself.

NOTE: Newer additions are in red
Updated 09/17/23

1.  Legendary 
2.  The Good Lie - Has some violence in the beginning of the movie
3.  The Cokeville Miracle 
4.  One Night with a King 
5. Letters to Juliet - Note: There are some paintings in the beginning of the movie with nudity in them and a scene where tourists touch a statue's breast. Otherwise, this film is very clean.
6.  The Terrible Horrible Not So Good Day 
7.  Ride Like a Girl 
8.  Same Kind of Different As ME 
9.  Moneyball (NEW!) 
10.  Extraordinary Measures (Harrison Ford) **A few instances of swearing 
11.  Dare to Dream 
12.  Cruella 
13.  Top Gun Maverick
14.  Rocky Balboa 
15.  The Odd Life of Timothy Green 
16.  God's Not Dead
17. Sky High (Kurt Russell, Kelly Preston )  
18. The Identical
19.  The Help  **A few swear words
20.  Hardflip 
21.  Age of Adaline (1 small bedroom scene - no nudity)
22.  Game Plan 
23.  Ticket to Paradise
24.  Black or White (Kevin Costner)
25.  The Song (Some adult subject matter)
26.  War Room
27.  King Richard
28.  The Terminal (Tom Hanks) 
29.  Miss Potter 
30.  The Intern (Anne Hathaway, Robert DeNiro) - This would be a good "date night" movie for mom and dad. There are just a couple of scenes with brief sexual content - otherwise, a clean movie. 
31.  Where Hope Grows
32.  The Lake House (Sandra Bullock, Keanu Reeves) 
33.  The Giver 
34.  Invictus (Matt Damon, Morgan Freeman)
35.  Despicable ME 
36.  The Finest Hours
37.  The Ultimate Gift 
38.  Bolt 
39. Me Before You - Due to some subject matter, I would not recommend this for young children.
40.  Miracles From Heaven
41.  The Eye of the Dolphin
42.  We Are Marshall 
43.  Finding Dory
44.  Last Chance Harvey  One scene where they say the "s" word a few times but otherwise a clean movie
45.  Narnia  I would recommend not letting children under the age of 9 see this movie without you viewing it first.  In fact, I would recommend that you do see this movie first and then decide what is and is not appropriate for your children. I know many parents who have let their children watch the whole movie. I have a 9 and an almost 7 year old. My husband and I watched this first and then I chose to watch it with my girls. There were some scenes that I forwarded through, and some that I did not let my younger one watch at all as she can get very anxious at intense scenes.
It is a great movie that has a lot of things to talk about and discuss. But there are intense scenes of children being chased, fighting, the killing of Aslan, a knife is put to Edmond's throat, there are creatures that work for the witch that are very ugly and demonic looking, and of course the evilness of the witch.  You will need to watch this movie yourself to put everything into context and decide how mature your children are and what they can or cannot view. But I do suggest letting them see some of the ugliness (depending on what you feel they can handle) as life does have ugliness in it and it can bring to light great discussions about good and evil.  All in all - this is a wonderful story depicting what God did for us and how we stand to battle as His children.
46.  Tooth Fairy 
47.  Courageous 
48.  Raise Your Voice (Hilary Duff)
49.  The Blind Side 
50.  Nim's Island
51.  Secondhand Lions (Robert Duvall, Michael Caine) 
52.  The Count of Monte Cristo (Jim Caviezel) ~ I love Jim Caviezel in this movie and it's become one of my favorites. It's got drama, a love story, and some action so that you and your spouse can both enjoy it together. I would recommend not allowing young children to watch this movie as it can be violent in spots though. The great thing about this movie is the underlying morals it encompasses. Dantes (played by Jim Caviezel) has every right for revenge for being imprisoned unjustly for 13 years.  Dantes learns an internal strength  and you will feel "gripped" as you follow his emotions from sadness, bitterness, anger, shock, and forgiveness as life continues to change for him in varied ways. You will root for Dantes, cry with him,  smile, and feel justified at the ending.
53.  August Rush 
54.  Love Comes Softly 
55.  Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs 
56.  Queen of Katwe 
57.  Beauty and the Beast (Emily Watson)
58.  Eight Below 
59.  A Cinderella Story (Hilary Duff) 
60.  Wonder Woman 
61.  Frozen
62.  Last Song
63.  Dreamer  (Kurt Russell, Elisabeth Shue, Dakota Fanning)  I just saw this beautiful movie with my family. It is based on a true story about a horse that injured its leg and how this horse changes the direction, attitudes, and connectedness of the family that takes it in.  The movie starts out a little slow, but is very heartwarming as you watch the characters evolve a little bit.  There is no sex and I don't remember any foul language. This is a great movie for the whole family to see and especially those children who adore horses. I want to buy this one on DVD when it comes out.....
64.  Enchanted 
65.  Flicka (Tim McGraw) Flicka is a great family movie - and I would encourage dads and daughters to see it together. It can bring some great discussion regarding obedience, as well as the dreams that children carry within their hearts. There is no swearing in this movie and no sexual scenes (only one scene that shows the daughter's back in the bathtub). It is a story about a daughter and her soulful desire to be with, around, and on horses - hoping to carry on and take over her father's ranch someday. Only problem is that her dad and her "butt" heads a lot as he thinks his son will take over the ranch (the son would rather go off to college). It will bring tears to your eyes on more than one occasion as you see how God created innate desires within us that cannot go unattended. It will also address the parent-child relationship and the respect that needs to be given to that - as well as the consequences that can be had when you willfully disobey.  A very touching movie.
66.  Bella
67.  MOANA
68.  Soul Surfer Note: Very inspiring and motivating film.
69.  Tangled 
70.  Fireproof (Kirk Cameron) 
71.  Sully 
72.  The Secret Life of Walter Mitty 
73.  Hachi: A Dog's Tale (Richard Gere) (GREAT true story - I cried!) 
74.  October Baby - The best movie I've seen in awhile! Definitely grabbed my emotions and very thought-provoking.
75.  We Bought a Zoo - a couple mild sexual references - but they are quick
76.  Amazing Grace 
77.  Kidnap - Good movie. Would suggest for adults or older teens only.
78.  The Greatest Showman 
79.  Mirror, Mirror (Julia Roberts) Note: Fairly clean, but a little cheesy
80.  SING
81.  The Zookeeper's Wife (tough subject material)
82.  Wonder 
83.  Secretariat 
84.  Ella Enchanted (Anne Hathaway) 
85.  Coco 
86.  Dolphin Tale 
87.  Pursuit of Happyness (Will Smith) 
88.  Heaven Is For Real 
89.  Prince Caspian  Note: This movie is more intense than the first Narnia movie with a lot of battle scenes/sequences. Arrows and swords are common.  I would recommend watching first before showing to children under 10.
90.  Breakthrough 
91.  Aeronauts 
92.  Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs 2 
93. Here Comes The Boom! 
94.  Skyscraper
95.  Chronicles of Narnia: Voyage of the Dawn Treader  Note: There are some dark/scary scenes in this movie. So although I think it has an excellent theme to it (it talks about temptation) I think younger children might be scared. Either view it first or maybe only have 10 yrs of age and older kids watch. 
96.  The Art of Racing in the Rain
97.  The Book Thief 
98.  Bottom of the 9th
99.  Ford Vs. Ferrari 
100.  Richard Jewell

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