Thursday, July 11, 2013


Do we spend our time on irrelevant things. Do we waste away our days doing irrelevant activities?  Do you feel at times, that your life is irrelevant?

I do.

I have.

God always uses these times to show me that something in my life needs to change. Something in my heart.

I’m not wrong, you know. Sometimes our life IS spent doing irrelevant things. Sometimes we are wasting away our days. So many activities abound. But they are meaningless. Irrelevant.

There are so many things that ARE relevant. They usually have to do with relationships. Investing in others. Loving on others. Believing and encouraging others. Spending time with others. Giving to others.

We are relevant. We matter. Every one of us. But our time doesn’t always. It’s just a matter of how we spend it.

Do you need a refocus? A change of course?

Maybe so. Maybe so do we all.

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