Monday, May 1, 2017

Don't Be Afraid To Break

Fear is a big part of life. I don’t think anyone goes through life without having fears or having them affect our choices in some way, shape, or form.

A lot of times, I think our fears are relationship-based. They derive their power from some of our past experiences. We are afraid of rejection, because we’ve experienced the embarrassment of rejection.  We are afraid we aren’t good enough, because somewhere, at some point, we have been made to feel that we are “lacking,” and we are afraid of loneliness, because we know the pain of being alone.

There are so many more fears you can add to the list.

We are afraid. And we are afraid of doing something that makes us afraid!

It’s crazy.

I’ve felt fear in all of my limbs. At once. Never a good feeling. And I’ve seen how the power over me, was in the fear itself. It usually is never in the actual thing, I think I’m fearing. No. It’s in the fear that comes BEFORE the thing.

The fear is oftentimes, worse, than what I’m fearing. And it’s worse, because I’m afraid to fall apart. I’m afraid to break. I’m afraid I won’t be able to handle whatever it is.

Do you resonate with where I’m coming from?

The thing is…. I may not like whatever it is that I have to go through. I may not enjoy it. It may hurt. But allowing myself to be broken over it - it brings me freedom, instead of bondage.

You see, sometimes what we ask God NOT to give us; is the very thing we need the most.  It’s the thing we need, to be sifted, to grow, to improve, and to deepen. We may not want it – but we need it in our lives, somehow, somewhere.

Don’t be afraid to break. Don’t let fear hold you captive. Breaking may be the only thing that allows you to move forward. To heal. To gain strength and courage.  To become truly whole.

Fear is powerful – but God is MORE powerful. Let Him give you the strength you need to enter into what fears you the most right now. Walk into it, with Him at your side.

And find the freedom you crave.

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