Sunday, June 26, 2016

We Can Impact How Our Children View Life

Texas storms can be fierce.

As I was laying in bed one morning around 4 am, listening to the sky shake and thunder, as rain poured down and the sky lit up… I remembered my earliest memory of a storm.

I grew up in the Pacific Northwest. And I remember excitedly making hot chocolate, sitting out on our back patio (we had an awning), and watching the storm, all snuggled up in blankets – me, my mom, and my sister.

Good memories.

Warm memories.

And as I lay in bed recently, listening to a storm fiercer than anything I heard as a child, I thought, “Thank you, mom.”  For I wasn’t scared. In fact, I’ve always loved storms. And I attribute that, to a mom who started me out, in expectation and wonder, instead of fear.

I’ve tried to do something similar with my own children. We often, have watched out the windows as lightening flashed across the sky, or sat out on a back patio and observed and exclaimed over the power and might of a storm.

We can impact our children’s view of life. We can influence them, to cultivate an attitude of joy, excitement, and awe - or fear, loathing, and frustration.  We can do this by how we, ourselves, treat circumstances in life.  Our attitudes are “catching.” Our children “catch” moods, views, and perspectives, from us.

Sure, our children aren’t going to adopt the same attitude as us on everything in life. But, we still have powerful influence that we often underestimate.

I never knew that I would end up in a state that had some of the most powerful and earth-shaking storms I’ve ever encountered.  Nor did my mom. But one night is all it took to forever shape and mold my mind when it comes to storms.

One night.

I’m so thankful that was a positive night. A positive moment, and a positive memory.

Lord, may we be intentional with our children, and with our attitudes, as we face little AND big things in lives. Whether they are physical storms, or emotional ones – our children are watching us.

Someday, may they look back as they face something similar, and say, “Thank you, mom.” And may they face whatever it is with wonder, not fear.


PepeBuck1020 said...

Your blog is wonderful. I'm a mom of 2 girls, ages 11 and 8. There is such a warmth in your writing. It's very comforting. Keep it up. God bless.

Dionna said...

Thank you so much for saying that. I'm glad you find my writing comforting. That's a goal of mine - to help encourage and remind others that they aren't alone. The things they go through and things they think? Most of us have been there, too.

As the mom of two daughters also - enjoy those girls. Before you know it, they will be young women.

Anonymous said...

This is a wonderful post! I love storms as well. We have great responsibilities as mothers to teach our children to face the world with wonderment, awe, and appreciation -- not fear, loathing, or distain. Great post!

Antonique Lauren said...

Wow! This reminds me how much of an influence we can have on others and that our actions, as well as our words, contribute significantly to the learning of the children around us, whether we know it or not! Makes me mindful of what I'm teaching through me responses and reactions! Thank you for this post!

Dionna said...

Rachael and Antonique - Thank you for your comments and for stopping by! I'm glad you resonated with my post. I hope you'll visit again.

Kalin said...

Beautiful thoughts. Thankful for Godly parents who teach us these things, and for God who always reminds us that He can handle every storm!

Sharon said...

My kids and I love storms too! If we only knew all the things we are "throwing to" our children to "catch!"

Tomi O said...

We do underestimate how much influence we have on our children. I remember most of the things that I got from my mom's views and outlook by just watching her live her life. Some of them have shaped me and how I live my life as well. Thanks for sharing the post!! said...

Amen from the beginning they watch us and they keep watching us even in their teen years we are their example they are influenced!

Dionna said...

Sharon - Love your expression of "throwing" things to our kids. So true! And we throw so much more than we know!