Sunday, February 25, 2018

Our Low's Are Not God's Low's

Our “lows” are not God’s “lows.”  This thought danced across my mind as I read about how a friend had been struggling in the past year. I read about how they wondered where their journey would lead, and what, exactly, God had in mind for them.

We all go through “low’s.” For some of us, we doubt and question God. But, I think for more of us, we just wonder when we will see the end result of what He has in mind for us. We wonder when the hurt will pass, when the testing will seem to end, and when the rewards will be apparent.

We want to hurry across the field of misery into the promised land.

But, what if what we see as a field of misery…. Is indeed…. God’s promised land for us? What if that’s where all the jewels are? Not on the other side, but in the midst of the lessons, the growth, and the climbing?

We see our low moments as “low’s” in our life. But I don’t think God always does. I think He sees them as opportunities.

I can envision a tender-hearted God with tears glistening in His eyes out of love for me, and what I am going through in the hard moments of life. I can envision His loving arms ushering me through, and staying firmly by my side.  But not because these times are hard for Him. But because they are hard for ME.  He is there in His mercy and grace, because of His deep love for me. He is soft-hearted because He knows how I can struggle and writhe in heartache. 

They are MY low’s. Not HIS. 

He has the advantage of seeing the big picture. He knows I must be chiseled and molded to be the best version of me. Even if I hate it and fight against it.

So He walks with me and listens to me tell others of my tears, my pain, and my weariness. 

Low’s.  The very moments we hate, are the very moments that draw us the closest to our Savior’s side. And isn’t that the very place we want to be the most?

If I can close my eyes hard enough, maybe I can see the opportunity that my God sees - in the lowest moment of my “low’s.” If I can close my eyes, I can feel His heartbeat next to mine, and know I never walk through anything alone.

He is there. And He won’t LEAVE me there - alone. 

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