Monday, November 2, 2020

Don't You Miss God?

It’s easy to get into a routine. Life has been so different this year.  

We have been home more. Watching Netflix more. Out in our yards more and taking walks. We’ve gone further when we can, to lakes, rivers, beaches, and state parks.

We’ve ordered take-out more, and played loads of family games.

For most of us, we haven’t had to drive to work, meetings, and at times - even the grocery store.

Most churches have gone online - but have we even watched them?

Have we read the Bible? 

Our devotions?

When was the last time we prayed?

It’s so easy to just push God out of the equation. 

Things aren’t as fun, so we we neglect them all together.

But the thing is - this year? This year has pushed a lot of us to our emotional limits. Stress, depression, and anxiety have found their way into our homes. Into our minds.

We don’t sleep as well.

We’re bored because we can’t travel or get out. 

And I’m just wondering.

Don’t you miss God?

Do you miss hearing from Him?

Do you miss seeing signs of Him?

Do you miss praising Him? Or singing about Him?

Do you miss that feeling of knowing He personally came down to deliver a promise or message to some personal detail of your life?

Do you miss the peace of mind that you know comes only because you handed something over to Him in prayer?

Do you miss the adrenaline or excitement from knowing that He was working in a conversation or relationship you were having with someone else?

Life CAN pause. But God never pauses.

Life CAN change. But God doesn’t change.

God is there. Even in all of this. ESPECIALLY in all of this.

And I’m guessing He misses some of us. A Lot.

Do you miss Him?

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