Friday, November 27, 2020

Human Touch-Points

Human Touch-points.

What are they?

They are things like a handshake.  A hug. A touch on the shoulder. Time spent across the table talking, listening, and sharing with someone else. 

A smile.

All of these touchpoints have been robbed from us in the year 2020.

It’s no wonder why I hear the words “mental health” being discussed so prominently in the news, in nonprofit circles, in webinars, and zooms. And in homes.

Because people realize something is missing.

It’s those touch-points. Those very touch-points we need to flourish.

I grew up in school hearing how they ran an experiment with babies and found that the ones who weren’t held and loved on, didn’t grow as quickly. In fact, some didn’t grow at all. And some, even lost weight.



We NEED each other.  Literally.

Sure. We can keep on living. But mentally, emotionally, and spiritually? We NEED one another. We need to be touched. Held. Listened to. Smiled at.

We are not to be afraid.

Wise? Yes. Using common-sense? Yes. 

But we are not to be afraid. Not to stop living.

And most importantly - not to stop loving.

Everyone needs to be touched today. In one way or another. For we are starving for it. 

We are aching for that connection point that connects us to each other, and reminds us we are noticed. 

We are cared for. 

We are loved.

So, go out there. And LOVE. Love well. And love often.

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